Stephanie Otobo Files $5M Lawsuit Against Apostle Suleiman At Ontario Supreme Court Of Justice In Canada

stephanie otobo $5million lawsuit suleman ontario

April 20, 2017 – Stephanie Otobo Gets Restraining Order Against Apostle Suleiman, Sues Nigerian Pastor At Ontario Supreme Court Of Justice.. See Suit Details

Stephanie Otobo Files $5Million Lawsuit Against Apostle Johnson Suleiman At Ontario Supreme Court Of Justice In Canada, Seeks Restraining Order

Highly controversial Nigerian Pastor Apostle Johnson Suleiman who has been “flexing” since his sex scandal story hits the media now has strong reason to stay away from Canada after his mistress, Nigerian-Canadian Stephanie Otobo dragged him to the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice to demand $5million compensation.

Otobo who has evidence and media coverage to her favour is likely to be compensated since Canada do not take cases of abuse and human rights violation lightly unlike in Nigeria where the justice system is weak.

In the $5Million lawsuit signed by the Registrar of the Ontario Supreme Court on Wednesday the 19th of April 2017 and addressed to Suleman’s residence in Toronto Ontario Canada, Miss Otobo is asking for compensation for damages resulting from breach of contract, defamation, poisoning and emotional trauma.

She is also seeking a restraining order against Suleman.

Suleman has 40 days to serve and file his statement of defence and in the event of his failure to appear before the court, however,  judgment may still be given against him without further notice given to him.

See the lawsuit documents below

Stephanie Otobo’s departure from Nigeria is unconnected to her plan to drag Suleman to the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice where she is guarantee the victory she didn’t get in Nigeria.

During her stay in Nigeria, Apostle Suleiman allegedly used Police Power to threaten her but she didn’t give up before leaving for her base in Canada.

We learnt Miss Otobo is also using the case to seek Asylum status for her mother and sisters who have been under the radar of Apostle Johnson Suleman and his agents in Edo state.

It is now obvious to right thinking Nigerians that Otobo is not lying against the self-professed Prophet.

If you are not sure of what you are claiming, you don’t dare take a case like this to the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice because if they find out you are lying, you might spend a huge part of your life in prison.

To those who claimed she photoshopped her facetime sex chat with Apostle Suleiman, see another proof that she wasn’t lying in the video below

16 thoughts on “Stephanie Otobo Files $5M Lawsuit Against Apostle Suleiman At Ontario Supreme Court Of Justice In Canada

  1. I have finally believed the girl but why didn’t submit herself so cheap to that aid carrier.

  2. Stephanie, you have taken the right step. This is a Country where the case will be addressed based on the facts. It is not going to be what anyone believes or wants to hear. At least if the court decides the civil law suit is in Stephanie favor, the court may sell Apostle Suleiman properties to offset the fine plus the court cost. She may end up taking possessions of all his properties over there, that is a fact.

  3. Im finally relieved. i ‘m not a Nigerian but this case interests me. Let me know the outcome and the court date

  4. She does not have a case..According to the article , she is suing for breach of contract, defamation, poisoning and emotional distress.1) You cannot sue someone for breach of contract to marry you( there is no contract signed anywhere), 2) defamation: she was the one who defamed the apostle, 3) Poisoning: She had not been able to prove that the poisoning actually happened (no hospital visit, no medical records etc), 4) Emotional distress: she also distressed the apostle emotionally. I am not saying that there was no relationship, however, she has to deal with the heart break/ consequences of her own actions like most people do everyday and stop wasting her time. I am not either side, just speaking from a neutral ground.

    • o boy its a different story in Canada . people go to jail for killing a cat for 18 years. she has a very big case and let me tell you Canada is not Nigeria.they will investigate all the transfer and text messages. and if she is telling the truth apostle suleman is finished.

  5. Do people really think that the Registar of this court did not ask Staphanie some relevant questions so as to weigh if she has a case or not, other countries dont waste people’s times and state resources. If there was no case this document would not have been written in the first place…… The evidence people are looking for will come in due course. When Staphanie started this whole thing people were accusing her of being a liar, and wanted evidence, evidence, evidence!! and yes she has been producing it bit by bit, she prefers do it like that to traumatise the Apostle and to let you people talk talk talk and, after that gbam!! produce another evidence… you will be shocked at another evidence that will come after these ones… and what is funny is that people keep on asking evidence from her as if they are the Court sef, then afterwards say its photoshopped, its bought, its coppied, all sorts of rubbish, weitin you want from this gal,… people must just deal with their brainwashed sef and leave staphanie alone, because clearly they also have a problem of being brainwashed and themselves need deliverance, or provide evidence that they are not brainwashed

  6. Very funny
    otobo should go and sit down jawe

    no sane man will promise that harlot marriage when he is actually married
    the mum already apologized

    • teminyglams, I’m a man and I know much about when we want something at all cost. A man will promise you heaven and earth just to see what is under your sketch. Suleiman might be lying to this girl to win her heart but I’m sure he promised her marriage just to have his way. Therefore, do not say he could not have promised her marriage.

  7. I once said this was getting boring, I never knew the interedting parts are just by the corner side. “When two iron meets one must bend for another” Stephanie and Suleiman ride on……..

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