Actress Susan Peters Disgraced Herself At Aso Rock In Abuja

susan peters disgraced aso rock

July 6th, 2013 – Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Disgraced Herself At Aso Rock Presidential Villa “She’s A Talkative” – Sources

According to celebrities who attended fascinating Nigeria event that held on the 4th of July, 2013 at Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja, Nollywood actress Susan Peters put herself in a terrible situation after her talkative attitude was revealed to fellow celebrities.

Insiders alleged that the actress was just irritating and annoying at the event.

Her chatterbox attitude made other celebrities very sick and uncomfortable with her.

While some female Nollywood stars like Patience Ozokwor, Oge Okoye and others put up with her attitude, a top Nollywood director was forced to leave the table to another table filled with musicians and dignitaries.

Fascinated by her first appearance at Aso Rock, the actress walked boldly to her state governor, Gabriel Suswam.
She got more than what she bargained for after the governor’s aides prevented her from talking directly to the Governor.

She went shamefully with her body getting smaller in her outfit, to meet Lady Boss who helped her get to the Presidential Villa which she never dreamt off or imagine she will ever be, and sits like a daycare baby beside her. Lady Boss was seen petting, and telling her to calm down. And before the twinkling of an eye, Egor Efiok made a call, a woman came to her, and she asked the woman to take crying baby Susan to Benue state governor.

Susan Peters, Egor Efiok, Patience Ozokwor, Oge Okoye

Amebos at the event overheard the actress asking if President Jonathan is going to refund their plane ticket money from Abuja back to Lagos.

See more photos from the event below;

Susan Peters, Chumax, Modell Veezee, Rapper Eva Alordiah

Uti Nwachukwu, Susan Peters

Susan Peters & Omawumi

2face Idibia, Jude Okoye, Iyanya

Why are people blaming her… Guess the actress got too excited on her first visit to Aso rock.

Seriously this is soooooooo funny.

15 thoughts on “Actress Susan Peters Disgraced Herself At Aso Rock In Abuja

  1. Abegi leave her alone, she has not done any wrong. There is nothing stopping her from crying if she was disgraced lol!

  2. This Susan Peters girl I hear from a reliable source is diabolic, all those her motherless babies runs is for spiritual things, and also Nollywood’s number1 pimp. Well done, your cup will soon fill up. God is watching you on 10D.

  3. God why? if u knw that u r a TV personality or something in those lines, act lyk one!!!!! Don’t go disgracing yoself all in the name o,f attention seeking or wateva, was so hard to sit ur b*tt down and shut ur mouth or talk lyk a role model.Take a lesson from Genny and Omosexy.

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