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    News In Nigerian Newspapers Today: Read Them Online

    By March 21, 2012

    According to August von Schlozer, a German Historian, a man who does not read newspapers is foolish (He actually said, “Foolish is the man who does not read newspapers; but even more foolish is the man who believes everything he reads in newspapers”). The implication of Schlozer’s words is that it is very important to for you to read newspapers and follow the news – especially that part of the news which has to do with your country or immediate environment. That takes us to the issue of Nigeria. Whether you live in Nigeria or in Diaspora, in as much as you were born in this country which prides itself as the “Giant of Africa”, you should follow every part of the news about her. Also, if you work in Nigeria (even though you may not be born there), the same applies to you. In this article, the usual contents which you’ll find in Nigerian newspapers today as well as how you can get full access to these newspapers are discussed. Read More

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    News in Nigerian Newspapers Today Read them online

    By November 8, 2011

    Click Here to read news in Nigerian Newspapers Today Read More

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