TB Joshua Prophesies 2go Users’ Death – Rumour

tb joshua 2go death prophecy

July 17, 2012 – TB Joshua Prophesies On 2go Users’ Death – Rumour

The rumour making waves since yesterday is that TB Joshua has prophesied mass death of 2go mobile chat users this week.

The gist claims witches will take over 2go network and spread demons.

As at the time of this report, this viral news is unconfirmed.

TB hasn’t said anything in regards to this.

2go mobile chat will definitely be slow for a while as people will run for their dear lives. (No body wan die)

Haba Naija this kind rumour no fair o.

U wan bankrupt 2go?

73 thoughts on “TB Joshua Prophesies 2go Users’ Death – Rumour

  1. I c some little sense in this in that, both 2go n facebook/twiter whatever d truth still remains that a large number of person are using such social network 2spread imorality in high level so d demion behind it wil b destroyed by God &also its fellowers so if ur aim of using 2go/facebook is track girls ve SEX &all those bad stuffs then u have reason to fear. Dat my view PLS U ALL SHOUlD REPEENT RAPTURE IS NEAR

  2. Death! When we hear the word death, we always think and feel that its only when someone dies and been buried. Let me make you understand that you can live a dead life, i mean even when still alive. A man who lives a dead life is a man who has a dead characteristics. Now tell me how can someone be playing 2go from morning till night, and some from morning till another morning, some even while walking on the main road, and some even when they are in their work place while working from the beginning of that work to the end and straight back home. Okay tell me if you are that kind of a person are you not a living dead? Or should i say a walking corps? You see a teenage girl exposing her privates to the whole community to see in the name of 2go. Tell me are you not a living dead? How can living human play 2go on the road while walking? The other day a man was knocked down by keke because of playing 2go on the road side. And also a man fell from a ladder top and broke his 2 arms and a leg just because he said he wanted to reply a 2 friend. I mean just imagine and see it your self are this not dead characteristics? Then why shouldn’t i call them the living dead. A dead person is not only when he dies an been buried, but a living person could also possess a dead feature which will label him dead, and be called the living dead. He said, he didn’t say, he said, he didn’t say, he said, he didn’t say……… What are all these argument for? Forget that you herd it from the public o or his church, supporters or friends that he said or didn’t say. Hmmmm let me tell you… Its only the bearer T.b Joshua that knows wether he said something like that or not. So why bother your selves fighting and arguing what is under another mans hat when the hat is on his head.

  3. Weather it was a truth or nt i do n,t no, bt one thing i know is dat i hav’snt head such rumour befor, my interest on this sist to be true,remember if you dont see signs and wonder you we not hy to beleived my broda life is important future ooooh

  4. 2 me my life is important, so 2go users pls be careful, prevention is better than cure ooooooo. like they said "house wey no dey hear word dey follow dead body enter grave" so pls be careful and be prayerful, no one knows tomorrow.

  5. All the peaple knew that 2go is the greatest internet chat,so people use the influence to discourage and to frighting people by so call death of a thing.well, every body must die.please don’t intimidate people by fortails,i love u all.trust in God.(rubben)

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