Timaya & Empress Njamah Reunite 6 Years After Breakup

timaya empress njamah

September 28, 2016 – Timaya & Empress Njamah Reunite 6 Years After Breakup

The former lovers are now back together courtesy of their friends.

Timaya shared this photo of himself dining with Miss Njamah on the social media few hours ago.

12 thoughts on “Timaya & Empress Njamah Reunite 6 Years After Breakup

  1. Doesn’t she attend ‘Jehovah Sharp Sharp’ Church anymore? Lol. That was one of the said reasons for their break up then.

  2. We pray the “re-unite” is for real but if the picture above is just posted a few hours ago, why are they glaring at each other instead of smiling as newly united couple are expected to.?
    Also, I hope the relationship now leads somewhere meaningful after this new bout of publicity. Wish you both luck sha o!!!

  3. Are they back for real? I mean, like hoping to walk to the altar? And if yes, what kind of kids do they hope to produce? An Owl-eyed looking children or what?
    Hahahahaha just joking though.

    I take a stroll…

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