“Tonto Dikeh & D’banj Dating – She Sleeps At Dbanj’s House” – Insiders

tonto dikeh dbanj dating

Nov 6, 2013 – “Tonto Dikeh & D’banj Dating – She Sleeps At Dbanj’s House” – Insiders

The ongoing business relationship between kokomaster D’banj and Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh is getting deeper each passing day.

According to sources in the know, Tonto Dikeh is now a frequent visitor to D’banj house and the visit is usually done overnight meaning she sleeps at his house.

Contrary to the story making round that Tonto Dikeh records music at D’banj studio, we learnt from a reliable source that the actress has never done any musical recording there.

It’s a make believe story to falsify what the duo have going on.

Tonto Dikeh and D’banj were last spotted at the recently held Guinness Colourful world of more concert grooving to various tunes from several music stars all night long.

At the end of the concert, Tonto Dikeh and Dbanj took their meeting backstage.

Also spotted at the event was Nollywood actress Doris Simeon and upcoming actress Aderounmu Adejumoke.

doris simeon

Kenny music CEO, Mr Dayo D1 Adeneye was also spotted at the event.

dayo d1 adeneyeDayo Adeneye

tonto dikeh dbanj dating

D’banj and Tonto Dikeh would make a lovely couple, won’t they?

22 thoughts on ““Tonto Dikeh & D’banj Dating – She Sleeps At Dbanj’s House” – Insiders

  1. What is so special about someone having fun with another. There are many of them unnoticed all around. I beg bring another better story!

  2. Why class a gal whether super star or nt they have element of gal in them that is they are fascinating cheap

  3. Two mad people meet them self wahala and yawa go gas. Tonto na u D’banj go take do another album. coz he’s short of ideas

    • Absolutely right; Dbanj has ran out of ideas. Seems illuminati is not helping out on that aspect. For Tonto, seems she has no choice, anything goes. Maybe Dbanj will be a link for her to join illuminati proper

  4. Grigonry! The question should be must tonto test every guy in town?? she do don jazzy, do wizkid, do iyanya, do uti and evn a nollywood Actor now D’banj!!! If man still dey behave like dis, its still earable (o se feti gbo) thou not good, but its so shameful on d part of a lady not when you’re evn a public figure. Well, its her life oo but its getting too much and so wayward, ko da now#afrocandy 2

  5. She nt evn ashame of herselve.stupid shegoat cnt she go were else A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ do wht she wnt t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ do A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ cum back wit respect?

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