“Tonto Dikeh Is Rude, She’s Always Drinking & Smoking On Set” – Movie Director Chima Okoroji

tonto dikeh rude movie set

August 10, 2013 – “Tonto Dikeh Is Rude, She’s Always Drinking & Smoking On Set” – Movie Director Chima Okoroji

Nollywood movie director Chima Okoroji recently narrated his first encounter with controversial Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh who called her colleague Mercy Johnson idiot few weeks ago.

In another blow to the actress, film director Chima Okoroji alleged he engaged in a serious war of words with the actress on a new movie set in Enugu recently over her rudeness.

While filming the movie titled African Pride, Tonto Dikeh allegedly fought with her senior colleagues like Ken Okonkwo, Ngozi Nwosu and many others on the movie set.

She eventually walked out on all of them after she was called to order.

Hear Chima in his own words below;

“While on set, she kept on insulting, fighting and quarreling with everybody. She was very rude and uncouth on set. Whenever I tried to correct her, the producer, Kaycee (Filmark), will intervene and beg me not to confront her. But I got pissed and eventually called her to order when I could no longer take her insults and rudeness. She immediately flared up and started insulting me publicly in the presence of my cast and crew members.

And when some of her senior colleagues tried to intervene, she also tongue lashed them. Tonto walked out on us the moment she was done with her insults and refused to shoot till the next day after many pleadings by the producer. She even threatened to arrest and deal with me for daring to call her to order on set. Another problem I had with Tonto on set was her too much drinking and smoking, which she uses to delay my production. It was so bad that the owners of the house where we were shooting told us to leave because they were tired of inhaling the smoke from her incessant smoking. She needs help and prayer,”

“Tonto messed up my set, insulted me and many stars on set, including Ken Okonkwo, Ngozi Nwosu, Prince Nwafor and others by walking out on my set for a whole day, because I called her to order – Chima Okoroji alleged.

Her attitude problem became obvious when she took to Twitter few weeks ago to insult her colleague Mercy Johnson, calling her all sorts of names for resuming acting months after giving birth.

Mercy Johnson ignored all her insults, a move that gave MJ favour from several movie producers who bombarded her with scripts.

Maturity is indeed a virtue.

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  1. Cum dem no fit ban dis gal from nollywood wetin be dis if na me she insult i go forget abt film find cane flog her wela fo misconduct o

  2. Onetin ve asked M̲̣̣̣̥̥̊¥ self I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ wat α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ dese producer stil doing wit D̳̿α̲̅Ŧ grl its time to end her career U̶̲̥̅̊ people shuld G̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥​t̶̲̥̅̊ rid ☀̤̣̈̇f her nobdy likes watching her movies anymre

  3. she is a rascal..ignore her and shop for her replacement…so many ladies out there could be trained as well.her shakara and yeye character is just too much..after all when regina askia left nolly wood,omotola acted just like her..replace her…case closed

    • She acted better bcos Regina was always acting like a doll and shaking as if she’s on something check out Most wanted.

  4. Tonto, plz my sister u beta control urself nw, cuz if u delay in no distance tym u wil embrace proper market madness. KS2 4 tonez

  5. Pls my dearest tonto dikkeh, pls take it easy with life ooh!! life has no duplicate pls remember dat u’re a model to many out-there pls don’t behave lyk dat pls (I LOVE U KEEP IT UP PLS STOP THE INSULT N SMOKING CHEERS)…

  6. look we all should have d fear of GOD in wot we do and say….if we read tonto dikeh twit msg well u get to find out dat she neva mentioned mercy johnsons name,commentators did.she has been and will always b a good actress its jst dat she might have some issues which i believe wit time she will chnange.remember no body is perfect.y on earth is d producer bringing up her talk on net when he know wots on ground?I MUST CONFESS ITS SOO UNFAIR D WAY U GUYS INSULT HER.GODBLESS U ALL


  7. She nids to conduct herself or she mite loose her career and fans.people re beggin to be a gud actress and she s dier destroyin hers.

  8. pls dear,u are my actress try as posible as can to comport manners and ur immoral atitude to ern ur self a good name as wel as ur family,don’t allow pride to rule over u pls i beg u.

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  11. Is she the only perfect person who can handle that very part? Skip her and take another if need be, place her on suspension for some years there she can learn a lesson

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  17. Dear producers, I have observed that you all havnt noticed that people do not watch any movie Tonto features in because there is notting interesting about her. So stop wasting resources, use the people we like and produce the films. We just dey manage watch naija film una still dey use person wey go make us quick tire for naija movies dey act.

  18. Maturity aint fairness,well-spoken english,fashion,model or so-called beauty bt comportin ursef wen provoked,controllin ur anger,handlin issues d rite way witout raisin unnecessary dusts in d air.The lad is stil a kid n a toddler. Shes been intoxicated by childhood life xperience,no blames on her plss

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  22. Mr. Chima u’r acting unproffessional. U dn’t let out wot happened on set. Coach no dey talk wetin happen 4 dressing room.

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