Tonto Dikeh’s House Maid Christmas Gift Causes Twitter War

tonto dikeh maid  house servant

December 15, 2013 – Tonto Dikeh In Soup For Announcing Maid, House Cleaner On Twitter

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has gotten more than she bargained for after she took to her Twitter page few hours ago to announce to fans that she now has a house help.

Though she is right by calling her house help a maid (a female domestic servant) but most of her fans from Nigeria blamed her for being too proud.

Is it necessary to announce a maid on the social network?

Tonto Dikeh is the first Nollywood celebrity to ever take to Twitter to announce she has a maid.

Check out what she said and read her fans reactions below:

How many maids will Tonto Dikeh have when she eventually marry?

18 thoughts on “Tonto Dikeh’s House Maid Christmas Gift Causes Twitter War

  1. Why do you bother to publish Tonto Dike’s childish display of her lack of home training?

    What Tonto needs is a mother to give her some home nuturing, not a maid.

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  3. You guys should live this lady alone, even if she use the word helper you guys will still complain, most of u will do worst things if in her shoes. Its only the maid u saw there, u didn’t see D Daughter and the beautiful onyiye she wrote. You guys should learn how to mind ur business

  4. The only wonder there is the girl thinking she’s more beautiful than others. I’m waiting to know the ill fated man who she’s gon get married to, I really pity him.

  5. yeap meeen this s furkin,i pray t god all times t help d less privilege ones,toto dike remember u were nt born with silver spoon,dat same god who stood 4u will eva stand for others…..uhhhhhmm i reserve my comment

  6. Hmmm tonto u are just a fool bcus u tink u ar a great woman u ar nt,come to tink of it ar u d only one in nollywood i pitty u sha o

  7. Wait oh!!!tonto has done nothing wrong..what is it with all of u sef..Abeg u guys should leave tonto,its not like u’re all saints..mtswee

  8. haba she has said n done nothin wrong is because of ur hatred for her pls leave alone u did nt mention d other words she wrote about her my daughter.pls let her be though she might have done somethings wrong in d past,that is y we re hunans no one is perfect. Just let her be nigerians

  9. All of u tonto haters which to be her, if she wasn’t good to her maid she won’t get a gift from her, she also call her daughter, what is bad in calling sm1 a maid? How abt brides maid, why are u people so full of hatred? How many of u has Tonto been rude to personally? Keep giving hatred u will all receive it back in 100 folds. Enemy of progress

  10. i am so ashamed of nigerians hu ignorantly show off dr illetracy in form of comments. hu is a maid and wat is maid? i am not a fan to tonto buh in dis i see no wrong in her callin her maid. buh if u tink she is wrong den hv a proper justaposition of maid and helper and u will see dat she was write and u ae wrong.

  11. my fear is that this Tonto of a woman is something else, she can start having intimate relationship with this girl as she is beautiful. Pls tonto, try and get married, you can’t continue to be a kid.

  12. please madam if u are looking for another house help I have someone who can do that very well please call 07050331951

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