Man Deported From Saudi Arabia For Being Too Handsome, Omar Borkan Al Gala Is Gay

dubai man deported from saudi arabia

April 26, 2013 – Dubai Man Deported From Saudi Arabia For Being Too Handsome, Omar Borkan Al Gala Is Gay

You must have read the story of one guy who claims he was deported from Dubai for being too handsome. dig a bit deeper into his story and here are our findings.

According to reliable reports from several online sources, Omar Borkan Al Gala is a native of Dubai who came to Saudi Arabia to take some cool pictures for his photography business apparently, he was deported from the strict Islamic country on suspicions of being gay.

A close source from Dubai said Omar Borkan Al Gala is a photographer who is seeking every avenue to become popular.

“He employ the principle of controversy to get his words out” – said the source.

A Facebook page he opened was deleted within hours by Administrators.

“I will tell you guys a bit about myself and I hope my photography speaks for itself… I am Native of Dubai, the primary face of Borkan Al Gala photography. I am a model and photographer. If you have any further questions regarding the studio please don’t hesitate to contact me” – Omar said.

So whatever the case is, the ‘too handsomeman deported from Saudi Arabia has achieved his aim of becoming popular.

See more photos of Omar Borkan Al Gala below

Omar Borkan Al Gala‘s Pictures

Omar Borkan Al Gala gay

Goodluck to the handsome Photoshopped guy LOL.

31 thoughts on “Man Deported From Saudi Arabia For Being Too Handsome, Omar Borkan Al Gala Is Gay

  1. it is the handiwork of God himself appreciate God for the rest of your life,be careful in life,so that ladies will not run after u to make u loss ur ambition in life,fear God.

  2. ‘Too handsome’ but GAY? Hmmm…he’s one of d most UGLIEST humans in the face of Decent,Godly,Anti-gay person and JEHOVAH GOD.

  3. He is fine but imagine if he is a Nigerian (black) he would have been more handsome.But the other side of it is I did not see other part of his body.Why only face? Want to see your other parts of the body pls!

  4. They did well by deporting him bcus his face is full of intension to seduce or commit something so let him carry on in his country

  5. Omg!!!
    Sexy eys,red lips,nice nose, splendid hairs….
    O boi!
    Dis is far much more too handsome for one guy.

  6. I beleive am more handsome than he do cos..i think God created me in the best he has problems cos he’s hands

  7. D guy is mo than handsome…..i think he shud thank God 4it.n so gud tht saudis dported him!he is now known all over d world ……

  8. How did u knw dt he is gay?Did he commit it wt u?If u say dt he is gay,it means dt u re gay too bcos it is only a gay dt can identify a gay by appearance.Leave d young man alone na jealousy dey worry una.

  9. Being handsome shouldn’t be reason to misbehave. Rather, this guy should be glorifying God for making him who he is. He shouldnt allow his beauty destroy him like Lucifer.

  10. The guy is like other arabic men so I don’t see wht makes him diff other his peole. Come to think of it. Why can’t him show his full body. The guy is half human. He is only facialphotogenic.

  11. Needs 2 appreciate our GOD 4 his good work on humams. Rmemba, d more we condem dis man, d more we ar against GOD who took his precious time 2 create such an AWESOME humanbeing bcos he was nt d one who created himself.

  12. Hey
    I loved you since you first became famous.
    What i like is all your photo’s and you being shirtless as i get to feel your lovely hairy chest.
    Could you please send me a picture of you shirtless. I love your chest and hairy legs and stomach.

    Please sign an autograph.

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