Top 10 Relationship Success Secret Every Nigerian, African Woman Must Know


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March 30, 2016 – Top 10 Relationship Success Secret Every Nigerian, African Woman Must Know

The fact that the young man has fallen in love with you does not mean he has become your burden bearer, whereby you have to transfer all your needs to him. It is saddening to hear ladies say they can’t be with a man who cannot meet their needs.

Please watch it, before you loose all your sense of value in the name of becoming a money bag. By this I do not mean men should not show support to their women, especially if they have the means, I just feel women should learn to be independent and have a sense of pride.”

I know how cool and emotionally rewarding it is for a woman to have a man drooling over her, but please if you don’t want this man to be anything more than a friend, stop making him work so hard at winning your heart. Most girls will say I have told him no, it’s his choice to stay around and be buying all the gifts, haba, that is not fair. ‘NO!!!’ and ‘no’ although spelt the same way may not necessarily mean the same thing in non verbal expression. If you are really saying no, stop calling him for time out or recharge cards and stop encouraging him to keep buying you stuffs.

Your boyfriend may be smart and highly logical, but if your opinion makes no sense to him at all the time, you may be too dumb to be his wife.

Being beautiful is a good thing, but it cannot make up for dull brains. You spouse will love to show you off, but you cannot keep him living in the fear of you opening your mouth to pass a comment in public. The mental status of a bus driver’s wife and that of a business tycoon’s wife should not read ‘same’.

Nothing is completely useless in its original state. So any boyfriend who wants to change EVERYTHING (including faith, ideology, vision, purpose, friends, family members, job, passion) about you to meet his picture of an ideal spouse is trying to rob you of your personality, he or she neither loves you nor deserves to have you.

Ladies, there are some things you should not hope to sort out with prayers when you marry. One of those things is food.Economists say human beings are insatiable, but I say MEN are senior insatiable species especially when it comes to food.

No offense guys, but my dear sisters please don’t be deceived, your chocolate, ice cream and meat pie loving guy also knows what most Nigerian soups tastes like. So take out the time to learn how to cook.

One of the biggest jokes in marriage is when a woman asks her husband, honey what would you like to take and he says something light. A smart woman will know that something light for most men is not indomie, beverage or cereal, he is simply asking for something out of the usual things you give him.

Another good joke is when you have your little fights. It is possible for a woman to be angry and not eat o, but some men? Lailai. You will cook, he will eat it and then the fight continues.

Most Nigerian men and food are an inseparable two. Every wise woman understands this and keeps working at it.

[By Bosun Bankole]