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Top 20 Unique New Year’s Resolutions Ideas For 2019: How To Have The Most Fulfilling Year Ever

top 10 new years resolutions 2019

Top 20 Unique 2019 New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Have The Best Of The Coming Year

  • How To Make 2019 Your Most Fulfilling Year Ever

The year will soon run out and as usual, we will be faced with the normal “New Year’s Resolution”. If you know you have formed the habit of setting a crazy ambitious New Year’s Resolution, you know, travelling around the world, writing a book, shooting a movie, quit watching porn, just raise your hand a little bit.

Well, at this point, I will slightly raise my hand. I can vividly remember when we stepped into 2018 for the first time, as usual, I made a New Year’s Resolution to quit procrastination and write a book. The year will soon be over and yet I haven’t written the first chapter of a book, in fact, I don’t even have a book title yet.

I know I am not the only one on this boat though. I mean, most of us are used to making New Year’s Resolution once the January breeze sweeps us off our feet but then we tend to lose sight of whatever resolution we have made whenever February visits. Most times, it is usually because we seem to realize that we may have bitten more than we can chew.

It is high time we tell ourselves that the goal isn’t just to set New Year’s Resolution; rather the key should be to set the right ones that you can actualize. The ones that could make you scream “hell yeah” when you realize that it’s April or even October and you are still maintaining your resolutions. I mean, keeping resolutions is not easy but I am a firm believer of “You can achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve”.

new years resolution ideas 2019

I use to think that New Year Resolutions are very silly until recently. These days, I believe that setting resolutions for the New Year is a challenge everyone should embark on.

Creating New Year’s Resolutions helps us to reflect on our actions the past year and challenges us to change something about ourselves that we don’t feel comfortable about.

Whatever resolutions you decide to set for yourself, it could be to have a healthier lifestyle, improve on your talent, follow your dreams, spend more time with your family, read more, write more, travel more – whatever resolution you decide to create is very much important.

2019 new year resolution ideas

Well, I know some people who would be at lost on the resolutions they can create. Below are some of the resolutions you could set up for yourself;

List Of 20 Top New Year 2019 Resolutions Ideas

  1. Eat healthier;

If you are the kind of person that is down with worry on how you can lose weight, you can decide to make a resolution to quit eating junks and eat more of fruits or foods with more veggies. It will definitely help you to lose weight. Aside that, it helps you keep fit too and healthy food guarantees healthier living.

new year resolution ideas for students

  1. Read more;

For writers like me, there is no doubt that we can hardly come with something to write about if we don’t read. I mean, every writer should be a reader too. But then, whether you are a writer or not, you can make a resolution to read more. Books have a way of making us more enlightened.

  1. Save more;

If you are the kind of person that spends without thinking about tomorrow, then you definitely need to make a resolution to cultivate the habit of saving no matter how little it is. We can’t always have rainy days, most days, it will be very sunny and you would wish you were wise enough to take aside some cash during your rainy days.

  1. Rebuild your professional identity;

Even though you aren’t looking for a job currently, it shouldn’t stop you from rebuilding your professional identity as it will help you prepare yourself for when a good posting catches your eyes. Update you Facebook bio, get a resume and if you have one already, update it; update your LinkedIn profile; do the same for Instagram and Twitter. It will give you the opportunity to network more.

  1. Be happy

This coming year, make a resolution to create your own happiness. Don’t just depend on someone or something for your happiness; don’t just wait till you achieve something before you can be happy. Be happy at any moment; laugh; love; and live. It makes life easier.

  1. Take more risks;

What is life without risks? This coming year make it a resolution to move out of your comfort zone and take risks. Nobody ever achieves anything in their comfort zones. Stop playing it safe and take the damn risk.

new years resolution examples

  1. Check up on your friends;

I know a lot of people that totally suck at checking up on their friends. For some of us, out of sight means out of thought. This year, make it a resolution to check up more on your friends even though they don’t check up on you. Call your friends often. They could be going through a lot.

  1. Check up on your family often;

To every living human, a family is very important. Make it a resolution this upcoming year to check up on your family- parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles. You can equally decide to spend quality time with them.

  1. Start spending time with people that matter the most;

It would look all cool and nice having much acquaintances but the question is, would they be there through your thick and thin? This upcoming year, make it a resolution to spend your free time with people who care much about you and you really care about then too.

  1. Spend time with your partner often;

I know we all will be probably busy with our daily activities but no matter how busy you are, learn to spend quality time with your partner.

  1. Find a side hustle;

Even though you are earning enough from your current job, find a side hustle. It could something you are passionate about or something that can help you earn extra cash. Whatever it is, having a side hustle will help you challenge yourself and it could help you learn more about time management.

  1. Quit spending much time on social media

This resolution could be a little bit difficult for social media addicts like me but it is still worth giving a try. This upcoming year, make it a resolution to take a little step back from social media. It would help you to stop comparing your imperfect real life to someone’s apparently perfect online life.

  1. Learn to be grateful;

Most times we are so focused on the challenges we face in our lives that we forget the blessings surrounding us. This upcoming year, make it a duty to be grateful. Even if you feel life you have nothing to be grateful about, the fact that you are alive should be enough reason to be grateful.

  1. Quit judging and mind your business

You know, most times we usually find ourselves judging people around us. This upcoming year, we should make it a duty to mind your own business. I mean, what is the need judging a person when you practically do the same thing you are judging them about?.

unique new year's resolutions

  1. Don’t go hard on yourself;

There is no doubt that there are times when we would make mistakes or have bad days; there are some times we would be filled with regrets but instead of feeling bad about it or going hard on yourself, you need to learn how to be kind to yourself. This upcoming year, you can make it a resolution to quit going hard on yourself.

  1. Chase you dreams;

You shouldn’t just stop at dreaming. A dream doesn’t just become a reality when you are sitting your butt down. It takes sweat, determination and consistency to achieve a dream. So this upcoming year, make it a resolution to work towards achieving your dreams.

  1. Learn how to make decisions for yourself;

This upcoming year, make it a resolution to start making decisions for yourself. Who you want to be with; where you want to go on a date; who you want to be; the kind of job you would do.

  1. Learn to play more;

People who know me very well would always say that they love how playful I am. Sometimes they ask why I am that playful and I will be like, “My dear, life isn’t that serious”. This upcoming year, learn to be more playful no matter how old you think you are.

  1. Learn to have an alone time;

The importance of having an alone time cannot be overemphasized. This upcoming year, don’t be carried away by the noise in the world that you forget to spend time with yourself. It helps you learn more things about yourself.

  1. Ditch procrastination;

Last year, procrastination used to be by best buddy and trust me; I wasn’t able to achieve anything worthwhile. Dude was always drawing me back. Before I stepped into this year, I told myself I was ditching the stupid ass procrastination. It wasn’t easy to do but then I am glad I made such decision. This upcoming year, make it a resolution to ditch procrastination and be more productive.

Remember, the goal shouldn’t just be to make New Year’s Resolutions; rather the goal should be to actualize the resolutions.

top 10 new year's resolutions 2019

If these New Year 2019 resolutions ideas sound interesting to you, please let me have your comments.

May this coming year meet you in good health and may you achieve all your heart desires on a platter of gold.

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  1. Joke Jigan

    December 28, 2018 at 8:22 AM

    Very good list. I commend the writer for such wisdom

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    December 28, 2018 at 11:06 AM

    It such a good write up…may GOD increase your wisdom

  3. Fifelomo

    December 28, 2018 at 1:55 PM

    This will be so helpful. To the writer

  4. iron bar

    December 28, 2018 at 3:15 PM

    nice..may it come to pass

  5. Rosy

    December 29, 2018 at 10:54 PM

    I will add some of these in my list. thanks

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