Toyin Abraham Reveals Why She Dumped Fiance & Cancelled Wedding

toyin abraham dump fiance cancels wedding

Toyin Abraham Aimahku Reveals Why She Dumped Fiance & Cancelled Secret Wedding Plan

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham has hinted her fans on why she cut off her last relationship.

Although she got proposed to by a lawyer based in Abuja mid last year, the relationship never saw the light of the day.

The actress reportedly dumped the man whose identity was kept secret till now.

In an IG quote that depicts what she went through in her last relationship, the actress said all she wants is a honest man.

“I don’t want to a perfect friend/man . I want an honest friend/man.”

A honest man is a perfect man for sure.

Perhaps she is taking her sweet time like her senior colleague, Bimbo Akintola did over 10 years ago.

Akintola who is still waiting for the perfect man is now going into her 50s.

5 thoughts on “Toyin Abraham Reveals Why She Dumped Fiance & Cancelled Wedding

  1. Ghost fiancee….full of lies as if it’s by force to get married…….. If marriage is not for you,just live your life and stop noise making.

    When you found the honest man, you will still make him become dishonest.

  2. I read again about the food you are feeding your husband,Toyin ! you start again. why you can not keep your mouth close about your household? are you the only one that have husband that looks good? you just marry the man less than two years. Shut up! keep your privacy to your self.

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