Toyin Lawani Plans Wedding With New Boyfriend Who Is 10 Years Younger

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June 19, 2013 – Toyin Lawani Getting Married To New Boyfriend Months After Engagement

Toyin Lawani Plans Wedding With New Lover Who Is 10 Years Younger

Socialite lady, Toyin Lawani, the owner of Tiannah’s place is set give marriage a shot again.

The 31-year-old business woman and a popular designer divorced years back over irreconcilable differences.

As it is now, she has found a new lover, a 21-year-old man.

She took to her Twitter page few days ago to reveal that her new husband-to-be is 10 years younger than her.

Check out her tweet below;

Well I’m 31 and my husband is 21 guess dem Madonna bad pass me lol
So he finally proposed hehehee and guess what I said yes”

The controversial socialite care less what people think.

Age is just a number…. If they are happy together, let them carry on joor.

Check out more photos Toyin Lawani and her boyfriend below


14 thoughts on “Toyin Lawani Plans Wedding With New Boyfriend Who Is 10 Years Younger

  1. Well as they say age is just a number unlike madonna own now that is out of porportion and likes of jlo or mariah is understandable

  2. Ds kind lv won’t last long,am nt prayin 4 dt. Luk @ d guy’s age,wn he reach 35,he’ll leave her 4 anotha gal.

  3. Hmm, age can be a number but it makes a very great difference o!, the guy may not see it now but by the time he will be at the age of say 45, by then she will be 55 years and a woman at that age hm!. I fear the guy go de shy to go out wit her o!. that is if at all the marriege will last up to say 2 to 3 years. But nevertheless, I wish them the best.

  4. Tis lyk dis lady doznt really 1-2 setl dwn. Dis marriage wont last 4 three gud reasons:
    1) She’ll boss d guy around.
    2) She’ll boss d guy around.
    3) She’ll boss d guy around.

    Hop u get my point.

  5. My fellow readers we r forgettin smthin dis is nigeria and nt welcome to new york.d boy na small boy he will only enjoy d moni and d hype after d woman go find her level.I pity her sha. She shuld look elsewhere d boy rich to be her son

  6. anybody who say the marriage no go last they mad…and he is a jealous and envy man…go ahead with your wife age is just a number…it does not afect true love

  7. Age is really a number, but not forgeting its also about maturity. The guy may be younger, but displays maturity even better than the older guys, in which case, the relationship might work. I believe with God and Love in their hearts they’ll do just fyn, outside that they won’t scale thru. All da best!

  8. na wetin she like.but when she is 41 d guy wil be that time d guy go wan start to jaye.cos this guy eyes never shine finish

  9. Guys make ona take am easy na were she find luv if d guy is mature it will workout 4 dem so wishing u all d best jus b humble nd respect his decision no mater dumb dey are!! Enjoy ur marriage

  10. hmmm,i see ds kind thing in oversea countries oooo.the age diff is too much its only a matter of time before this guy begin find his level after he has chop her money, anyway good luck

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