True Confession By Sunmbo Ajaba Adeoye: Why I Packed Out Of 2face Idibia’s House With Out 2 Kids

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September 4, 2016 – True Confession By Sunmbo Ajaba Adeoye: Why I Moved Out Of 2face Idibia’s House With Out 2 Boys

True Confession by Tuface Idibia’s baby Mama, Sumbo Ajaba Adeoye.

I ended up having two children for 2face Idibia because we were in a relationship.

I met Tuface when I was a student of Yaba College of Technology. I had just lost my dad and my mum was living in America. For someone who was a daddy’s girl, I needed love. This was the only person that was showing me love at that time. 

I feel I had that experience so that other young girls would not make the same mistake. I was 24 when I fell pregnant the first time. I approached the pastor of the church I was attending then and he brought me out before the church and judged me. 

I was asked to go and bring the father of my unborn child so we could be joined together. I brought a different person and we got married at the registry. Everything fell apart when I had a child who looked nothing like him and my mum came back from America to ask who gave my hand out in marriage because she was not a part of it.

I had to walk out of the marriage which I arranged by myself. I moved back home and by age 25 I was already a single mum and a divorcee. There was so much shame and reproach.

It got to a point in my life that I felt that the Devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know, so I went back to my baby daddy and his mum talked me into living with him so he won’t have more women and babies. We lived together for three years and that was how the second pregnancy happened.

sunmbo ajaba moves out 2face idibia house

It was not a bed of roses while I was there because I was trying to put together what was not supposed to be. I think we broke up in 2009 after I had the second baby. There were other women who were also going to have babies for him around that time.

I came to my senses like the prodigal son and I was so broken. I think my baby daddy was out of the country that fateful day when I returned from work and I packed all my things plus that of my children, and I went back to my parents’ home.”

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18 thoughts on “True Confession By Sunmbo Ajaba Adeoye: Why I Packed Out Of 2face Idibia’s House With Out 2 Kids

  1. There is something special about 2face Idiaba gene, all his children look exactly like him. Just take a look at those two handsome boys, there is no need for any DNA test to prove to me that he fathered those boys. What a blessing! Itu Baba has more boys to form Nigerian future Dream Team. I want to believe that 2face has stopped his womanizing syndrome by now, it is almost impossible for Wizkid and other Nigerian Musical stars to beat his baby making with plenty women record. Itu Baba, you must be careful now.

  2. 100% true confession from beginning to the end that you can actually see, it hear it.. #REALWOMAN

    Smart woman and looks like she has a great heart too!

  3. Na wetin can I say for here? Is hapun it have hapun. So make you no commit suya side to kill yourself bicos of odinary mistake. Is a thing of have I knows.

  4. wow! i learnt alot frm this her story o,so they send u school,u leave school go the follow BMM(baby making machine)in the name of tuface,and when he impregnant u,u lied to ur pastor and the whole church by carryin another man to come claim another man’s pregnancy in church,u no d fear God?

    • You left your sense somewhere bfr replying this post… I wish I can wrap common sense and present to you as December gift

  5. You try sha! But nowBaby Daddy is happilly married why re-hash the past participle ? Maybe destiny wanted him to give you these two lovely boys so take them and move on. The less said on media the better ! Best of luck to you!


  6. When you’ve to explain something, it means you’re hurting. Especially when the issue is old and forgotten.

    Nne pls let sleeping dog lay peacefully. Don’t sell yourself cheap by unearthing the forgotten.
    Give the man that married you respect & stop with this 2face issue. His married & settled so respect his decision. Stop spreading your relationship on social media because it can destroy you and your home.

    Take care of the beautiful family you have.

  7. Lets learn from her mistakes ladies,you can’t hold a man down with kid/kids. Men don shine eye,make we follow shine too.biko.

  8. Annie was Tu face first baby mama before u pls nd she is d person that stood by him before he got d fame. A man knows where his heart belongs, but nice advice thou

  9. Abeg sister go find 2baba make him give u anoda round because those boiz will become great tomorrow oooo. :)

  10. annie and 2face love story started in amry barack, since he have no money, so all this babymamas,packwell and stay clear away from 2face.he love and marry is first love,who was their with him from day 1 without money and fame,stroy close,is marry to is true love of is live Annie.any way all babymamas beautiful like annie and all kids look like 2 face,ur blood strong.

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