Tears As UNIBEN Student Commits Over Heartbreak!

uniben student commit suicide

UNIBEN Student Commits With Klin Detergent At Her Hostel Room In Benin Over Heartbreak

A student of the University of Benin has ended her life over affairs of the heart.

21-year-old Christabel Buoro took her life after her boyfriend of many years broke up with  her.

Her body was discovered yesterday at her hostel room in Ekosodin area of Ovia NE LGA of Edo state.

According to eyewitnesses, she reportedly took klin detergent.

A source who was at the spot where the 300 level Medical Laboratory student ended her life said:

uniben student commits suicide

“A small girl of that age will take her life all because of one boy. The policemen that came to evacuate the body were very angry after reading out loud the note she dropped.

“Thank God that she even dropped a note, if not the roommates would have been in hot soup, because investigation would have started from that point.”

In her suicide note, she reportedly stated that a guy she loved all her life didn’t love her back.

Her roommates were invited by the police for questioning and later released after police obtained her suicide note.

7 thoughts on “Tears As UNIBEN Student Commits Over Heartbreak!

  1. Why are youths of today taking to suicide for every little thing.
    I think da social media is not helping either

  2. Hmmm @ 21 years she as in personally took her own life because one stupid fella that will poo and not clean his ass. Mchew

  3. I caught my housewife of so many years pant down with a guy on the 6th of this month…. I move on with my life…. life goes on. please be wise.

  4. Too much exposure..during second year in school,do u even have time to do anything except house chores and reading your books.what is going on nowadays?

  5. This world is becoming something else,at 21 she had boyfriend of many years. Hmmm! She loss because the guy will keep moving. God help us

  6. Typical Nigerian b**ch saying shit like love and heart break are meant for them guys only, well I don’t blame you but them Nigerian simp mot****ckas.

  7. Ok, not sniper this time but Klin detergent. These generation of children need serious mentoring. Now Klin is in trouble

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