UNIJOS Student Commits Suicide In Hostel Room After Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

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UNIJOS Student Commits Suicide In Hostel Room After Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

Meet Mercy Naanlong a 23-year-old girl who allegedly took her own life in her hostel room at the University of Jos last week.

The second year Marketing student reportedly took poison after her boyfriend allegedly broke up with her.

Her lifeless body was discovered in her room days after her parents declared her missing.

Here is a press statement police released on her death.

“On May 5, 2019 around 3.30pm, the Angwan Rogo Police Division received a distress call from the Security Department, University of Jos, that on the same date around 3pm, some students of the institution raised the alarm over an odour from Room 23 (Zion Hostel) in Naraguta, University of Jos.

“After the report, a combined team comprising the police, the university security and medical personnel mobilised to the scene of the incident. On arrival, the suspected hostel door was forced open and the motionless body of one Mercy Naan, a 23-year-old 200-level student of the Department of Marketing was seen and recovered.

“She was confirmed dead by a medical doctor on duty at the university clinic and her corpse was deposited in the Anatomy Mortuary of the university for autopsy.

“Preliminary investigation revealed that Mercy was reported missing by her parents to the Security Department, University of Jos, on May 3, 2019. Meanwhile, detectives of the command have commenced investigation to unravel the mystery behind her death.”

8 thoughts on “UNIJOS Student Commits Suicide In Hostel Room After Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

  1. This is why mothers should be close to their children. Heartbreak can cause a lot of thing without intervention. So sorry for the way you died. RIP Mercy

  2. 200 level what is wrong with kids of these days. We went thru more hell in our own time

  3. RIP woman but lets understand education first before this chewing gum boy/girl relationship..This is a place of higher learning and our parents deserve such satisfaction after graduation..it was rough during back in the days when school was a bit tough.priorities first and every other thing falls in place.

  4. Where in the press statement does it suggest she killed herself because of boyfriend? The news only talks about investigation to unravel cause of death, so any other thing is still hear say. Not like she left a suicide note, anything could have caused her death, who knows?

  5. So everyone is saying mercy killed herself without reading the police report RIP _ fellow uj student

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