University Of Abuja On Fire: UniAbuja Female Hostel’s Gas Explosion Injures 2 Students

university of abuja fire hostel

January 13, 2014 – Fire Explosion At University Of Abuja: UniAbuja Female Hostel’s Gas Explosion Injures 2 Students

2 students were injured in a fire which occurred at the female hostel of the University of Abuja on Sunday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) learnt that the fire was caused by a gas cooker which exploded.

A security officer, Mrs Fatima Salawo, who said that she was the supervisor on duty, told NAN that the incident took place around 8.25 a.m.

She said that the fire broke out as a result of a leaking gas cylinder, belonging to a 100-level student in the Department of Micro Biology, simply identified as Lilla.

Salawo said that one 100-level student and another 400-level student were injured in the ensuing fire.

“The 400-level student, who sustained serious injuries, was rushed to the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital for treatment, while the 100-level student, who sustained a minor injury, was taken to the university’s clinic for treatment.

“i heard students shouting and on getting there, I discovered a fire outbreak, resulting from a gas cooker explosion.

“The 400-level student, who suffered serious burns, was sleeping when the fire broke out. We did our best to put out the fire before the arrival of firefighters,”she added.

The hostel porter, Ms Sikirat Shiadu, said that students had always been warned against cooking in the rooms where they slept.

She said that the university authorities had provided a kitchen in the hostel for cooking, advising the students to cultivate the habit of using the kitchen to avoid the recurrence of such incidents.

She said that the authorities were aware of the incident.

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10 thoughts on “University Of Abuja On Fire: UniAbuja Female Hostel’s Gas Explosion Injures 2 Students

  1. Yes oh tnk God no one died but I tink it would be beta if d hostels make it as an order nt to be cookin inside.cos even wit dis most students will still cook inside.

  2. Look at what this lady have caused others doing what she was suppose to do in the first place,stubborn adult acting like children,where will the affected students sleep now,how will they manage now.Let God help the students in the hospital iJn.

  3. d second fire outbreak in female hostels in a week, first it was absu nw uniabuja, nawa o bt wat in d world is a gas cooker doing in a small rum? stove dn go strike? na una sabi o

  4. Humans’ll always be humans. Silly gurls dat wia warned nt to cook inside dia rooms still went ahead to do otherwise. Dis one is warnin, nxt tym mite be a more terrible experience. Only a pity dat d innocent 400 lvl student got burned instead of d one responsible for d fire…

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