Video: Goal Disallowed For Ethiopia Vs Nigeria Match – Did The Ball Cross The Line?

goal video ethiopian vs nigeria match

Oct 14, 2013 – Video: Goal Disallowed For Ethiopia Vs Nigeria Match – Did The Ball Cross The Line?

This is the real footage of the goal disallowed for Ethiopia Vs Nigeria match in Addis Ababa yesterday.

Ethiopians claimed the referee denied them, Keshi said the referee made his decision, adding that he thought the ball had not crossed the line.

Geoffrey Oboabona had cleared the ball off the line.

Keshi said the Ethiopians agitated for what they did not deserve.

“We have seen from television footages that the ball didn’t cross the goalline as is being agitated for,’’ he said.

The former Super Eagles captain however said the match was a good game and praised the resilience of the Ethiopians.

“I think they looked deadly and had a lot of pace on the ball, but experience and quality gave us the day,” he added.

The Walya Antelopes’ Head Coach, Sewnet Bishaw, had protested the timely clearance by Godfrey Oboabona which denied his team a goal in the first half of the game.

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8 thoughts on “Video: Goal Disallowed For Ethiopia Vs Nigeria Match – Did The Ball Cross The Line?

  1. It depend on how you view it, to me it does not crossed the line.view on air is different from view on ground the ball did not touch the ground so you may have a wrong view of it.sentiment apart the referee have a good eye sight.anyway Nigeria had one time be denied of victory in certain penalty against one country, I think it was Cameroon that year.Referee had the final say .congratulations eagle congratulations Nigeria.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA Fifa n caf want Nigeria 2 b in d world cup. Weather d ball cross d line or not that is nt d isue.Nigeria walt d Victory bcos they r d team 2 look up 2 in d world cup.Believe it or not Football is a Game of INTERNATION POLITICS. JUST TAKE IT OR LIVE IT.

  3. it is unfair that the cameronian referee did the wrong decision deliberately. as Austin above explains nigeria already chosen by fifa to the world cup. God will help Ethiopia as we did the best.

  4. Really unfair! I agree that the referee may not see it properly. However, the issue was not about justifying the ball crossing the ball or not rather the defender was clearly inside the gall line while he kicked the ball out of the goal. This was really enough to claim the goal as a referee, no need for gall line technology to verify. On the other hand, it was clear in the second Ethiopian goal that it was because the goal keeper crossing the line while holding the ball, not the ball crossing the goal line. The best quality if a referee is being free of bias from the very beginning. I hope things will be reversed in Calabar for sure.

  5. The ball clearly crossed the line. The referees can not get everything right. However nigeria did not play well at all. I believe Ethopians deserve a draw.

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