Video & Photos Of Nigerian Soldier Who Tells Man To Roll In Muddy Water


April 26, 2017 – Pictures Of Nigerian Soldier Who Tells Man To Swim In Dirty Water

A demoralizing video of a man wearing army camouflage ordering a civilian to swim in muddy water has emerged online.

The unidentified civilian was seen rolling helplessly in dirty water for less than 2 minutes at the instruction of the soldier standing beside a lady who was seen pleading on behalf of the civilian being punished.

Though it is still unclear when the video was taped, there should be no reason why such punishment should be meted out on any man in this democratic era.

nigerian soldier man roll muddy water

Watch the video below and pass it to friends so as to help the military catch this power-hungry man in uniform.

15 thoughts on “Video & Photos Of Nigerian Soldier Who Tells Man To Roll In Muddy Water

  1. This is completely wrong and unacceptable… can Nigerian government be proud of this action in an international conference… No matter his offence, this is completely wrong and a sign of being uncivilised.

  2. But why all ds soldiers dey behave lyk dz. E be lyk say that their injection don dey affect their upstairs

  3. Hmmm this should be in Cameroon bc that’s the only country where even university students are punished to roll in mud when they go out on a peaceful protest. What a shame to the military!

  4. its time to put that Millitary law that if any Army officer is caught abusing civilians they should be sent to Sambisa forest to fight Boko haram.

  5. Bravo the strong Nigerian solider, you are doing good to your country and also protecting the civilian they way they thought you in the army, I hope it’s time to tell the Nigerian army that this is not Military Regime, although the regime seems to be one because nobody is opposing them, they do whatever they like and nobody will question them, even if you question them, the next day the will open up any corruption case against you or their DSS will go after you.
    I hope with this the American government will give you arms to fight Boko Haram, the Trump administration will send you arms and ammunition to keep security in Nigeria while you think that the Americans are fool or blind that never see the inhuman treatment Nigerian are receiving every day and night, arbitral killings, American giving arms to Nigerian Government is a way of increasing more killings and torture by the army and the herds men, I will advised the American Government to sell the arms to North Korea instead of selling it to Nigeria.
    May God protect the innocent Nigerians

  6. what do U expect from idiots @sodiers who didn’t get proper education they’ll tend to be a tout…

  7. Our soldiers lack military orientations. Its against human right. Why our country becomes lawless? No fear of law in our society. I wish the solder will be arrested by now.

  8. ONLY IN NAIJa.they SHOULD BE MARSHALLED TO THE military tribunal,disicplined and sent to sambisa to roll in the forest over there,hopig they will survive the on slaught ,but if they did,should be fired right away from the force.

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