Video: Saraki Stoned In Ilorin, Youths Chase Senate President From Mosque, Call Him Thief

saraki stoned ilorin

Sept 25, 2015 – Video: Saraki Stoned In Ilorin Kwara State, Muslim Youths Chase Senate President From Mosque, Call Him Thief

Sarahara TV has released a new video to confirm an attack on Senate President Bukola Saraki at a mosque in Ilorin yesterday.

As earlier reported, some youths who have been following Saraki’s corruption scandal mobilised against him on Sallah day as he came for prayer at a Mosque in Ilorin.

The attack caused pandemonium that forced Saraki bodyguards to take him away from the prayer ground.

Watch the video below

Saraki’s political influence is reducing gradually.

In short, the man don finish.

9 thoughts on “Video: Saraki Stoned In Ilorin, Youths Chase Senate President From Mosque, Call Him Thief

  1. Saraki your political carrier has ended, even in your own state you been humiliated like this… there are many of u that are yet to be expose not only u.. I think up coming government functionary should learn by this

  2. The paid agent are shouting and insulting this innocent man ,but i know saraki was born and brought up with silver spoon in his mouth,Tinubu should get ready as what goes around comes around,but no matter what,anyway anyhow,truth shall prevail,the APC know that Sarawak is corrupt,why they allowed him to contest at initial stage?he won Kwara state for the APC,THEY NEVER fabricated lies against him that time,all because he became senate president,they started giving him trouble,calling him names,but no matter what happen,truth shall prevail,i am very sure

  3. Today I’m very proud to be a Nigerian youth. Congrats to the youths and all Nigerians of conscience, we have finally woken up from our slumber and shall sleep no more. This is begining of the transformation that we clamoured for decades. Let our leaders be stunned that Nigerians have had enough and shall not be robbed, cheated and killed no more through their corruption, the worst of evils known to man. It is not common is maximum evil. One that has held 150 million people hostage for too long. So lets gather bigger rocks and stone all common crooks who steal from us and show it off at same time.
    Viva New Nigeria viva

  4. Thank God Nigerians are waking up. Another selfish person again is D Mark who think nobody is like him again in benue. He want to be in power forever.

  5. afin osa or whatever you call yourself, I didn’t know there are still some gullible Nigerians like you around, suffering and smiling. How can Bukola Saraki, whom I will code name “B.S” – bull shit, explain each of his four children having over #400 million naira, silver spoon or not? The magnitude of stealing in Nigeria is shocking and unconscionable. Think of millions of Nigerians that have died due to lack of money to pay hospital bills, whilst your leaders travel to the best hospitals abroad with your stolen money for treatment. I hope you die in a hospital or watch your pregnant wife or child die due to inability to pay the hospital bill, and come back and tell us about someone “born with silver spoon” in their mouths. Bastard, omo ale!

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