Wasiu Ayinde K1’s New Mansion House In Ijebu Ode (Photos)

king wasiu ayinde new house

Oct 19, 2012 – Wasiu Ayinde K1’s New Mansion House In Ijebu Ode (Photos)

Fuji musician King Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe aka Kwam 1 has completed a brand new multi-million naira mansion house in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state Nigeria. naijagists.com

Wasiu Ayinde Marshall K1‘s beautiful mansion named Omoojusagbola House was completed back in March of this year during his 55th birthday celebration.

According to sources close to him, he has permanently moved into his new mansion from Lagos.

K1 has several mansions in Nigeria which includes Ago Palace Way House in Lagos State Nigeria.

He also has a house in Ontario, Canada where his wife and kids reside.

More photos below

Wasiu Ayinde Kwam 1’s New House In Ijebu Ode (Omoojusagbola House) Pictures

wasiu ayinde mansion in ijebu ode

wasiu ayinde house in ijebu ode

wasiu ayinde house in ogun state

wasiu ayinde house in ijebu ode

94 thoughts on “Wasiu Ayinde K1’s New Mansion House In Ijebu Ode (Photos)

  1. I agree with what Abass said, now Allha has done grateful and marvelous things for you in this world, congrats,you can equally have the best of the congratulations which will be meant for the inheritance of the PARADISE, by continuing to strive relentlessly in the cause of Alha. How
    I wish by this time next year people will also be congratulating you on the completion of a mighty mosque for the only uncreated creator “Allha”. Once more congrats alhaji.

  2. Wow…It’s such a great and wonderful thing showing the world you truly the boss on the Fuji Music..I wish you more bless and myself cause it’s my wish to have the money to be your fans fully be present at your shows ooo…

  3. Congratulations on timely reaping of the fruits of ur hard labour. But I doubt if Alhaji K1 has a mosque in this house. If no I want to remind him that Fuji music started on d platform of wealthy Islamic religion, “WERE” and it does not baffle me when I see Fuji musicians in millions. Eh!pls don’t forget ur origin. More and more Albarka are on your way.

  4. (Orin dowo…..orin dola…..oye kaba yin dupe)The good hand of the Lord will continue to uphold you now and beyond.

  5. Ahsalam ahleikun Ahji Ayinde this grace will not limite on yur side only it will go round to all yur fans and well wishers ((ALLAHHUMO AHMIN ))

  6. Alhaji wasiu ayinde olasunkami temi all the day of my life i which u could be my daddy cause of all the love u give to ur children,baba more strenght God will grant u all ur aims wht u are still prayin God has nt complete it,lik ur private (JET) Nd congratulation on ur mansion,alhaji ile atura won ti ita ru oku wole won ni ti ile ru oku jade,baba igun ni igun ohun ku le awe ti omo to omo yin wan yan ku ati ami na Amin,kabiasi oluaiye oba adegoroye,kepe.

  7. King Wasiu Ayinde Obaluaye fuji, in the whole world their is no one like u Alhaji interms of fuji music, so am congratulating u for your achievement, ur mansssion at ijebu ode is an executive one, so i wish you long life and alot of prosperity, may Allmighty Allah protect u and ur entire family, guide you and more succese to u and ur crew because we are enjoying you people, interms of fuji music baba their is no one like u (ki wonmo fi ekun we aja rara), av been with ur music farback as 80s, so i know what u are capable of sir, you are a bunk leader baba keep it on, and i want to use this oportunity time to pray for ur mentor late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister may allmighty Allah gran him (Aljanna Firdausi) amin. Oba Adegoroye u are the best so keep on entertaining us. I love u

  8. King wasiu ayinde marshal olasunkanmi,olu omo,arabambi1,mayegun1,wun oo tooo pe oba loruko ayinde wasiu omo anifowose wese kee mase binu,sugbon oruko shaa laaa pee oba alade,kabiesi ayinde oooo,Alhaji its gladens my heart seen someone i love doing something good as dis,owun olorun oba lo gbeyii fakuko ooo ayinde wasiu eri baye sen nn yii,mayegun in general oo.am really happy for you sir, am happy for you and Allah will continue to guide and protect ur properties and your family.

  9. Baba! Baba!! Baba!!! Keep on with yur music nobody can’t stop u becos t are the best amoge them may God bles u more ameeeee

  10. baba o arabambi olu omo of lagos mayegun general gbogbo ile n ki e aliamdulilah i thank GOD 4 u,but sir remember d eternity, by building a big mansion 4 allah,4 d sake of al-jannat,and dont forget sir dat there ar homeless people in d street!!!!!

  11. Please how much is the worth of this multi million mansion…plz i need an urgent response.

  12. RASHEED SALAUDEEN says;k1 the altimate congratulatition for your mansion L.L.N.P. OLUAYE FUJI MORE BLESSING

  13. Adesiyan Ramon Adebayo,K1 you ll live long and have good end in this life all your fruits shall never die in your present all your endeavors shall always yield good things,no shaking.

  14. K1 congratulations you’re the one out of millions god as made you as head you never be tail in the might name of alah,Emi na fi ola eyi Toro lowo oluwa Amin.emi yi a tun ko eyi to ju eleyin lo o

  15. wow ki1,dis nice .dats is what king of king in earth esin iwaju ni ti eyin awon olori toku …………………mofi ola king wasiu ayinde masha toro olaa ti temi na ki olorun se ni irorun fun …………..k1 e oni walee layelaye

  16. Alhaji wasiu Ayinde ki de untmate congratulations god guide you and protect you and your family amen.

  17. Just searching for ur music of yester years,i mean, igba aiye ala lu mole,but I stumble on the pix of your mansion
    in ijebu,Omo to si se de de,K1 ma se faaaaji eeee,o se ise de be ni

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