White Cat Arrested In Brazil In A Bid To Free Prisoners

cat arrested in brazil

Jan 7, 2013 – White Cat Arrested In Brazil In A Bid To Free Prisoners

 A cat has been detained in the grounds of a jail in Brazil with contraband goods for prisoners strapped to its body with tape.

The white cat was apprehended crossing the main prison gate.

The incident took place at a jail in Arapiraca city, 250km (155 miles) south-west of Recife in Alagoas state.

The confiscated items included drill bits, files, a mobile phone and charger, plus earphones The cat was taken to a local animal centre.

The jail holds some 263 prisoners.

A prison spokesperson was quoted by local paper Estado de S. Paulo as saying: “It’s tough to find out who’s responsible for the action as the cat doesn’t speak.”

Officials said the items could be used to effect a means of escape or for communicating with criminals on the outside.

The incident took place at New Year, but the photo has only recently been released.

[Source: BBC]

13 thoughts on “White Cat Arrested In Brazil In A Bid To Free Prisoners

  1. This is incredible,that cat is up to something bt at least they should have monitor d cat first to knw it direction,aim before going into action and for propel investigation .since d did is done while can’t they put on d phone to c if they is any contact or information needed

  2. Hmmm! Is Really Outrageous and At the Same time.. Strange for A Cat to free prisoners.. All i can say is: Americans ar Trickish it could be possible Only if D cat is Well trained in Terms of Errand.. British people are Very great they train Any kind of Pet they like for their own Benefit, so i think the Cat was Sent on a mission.

  3. Ehhh. Na wa o. How can you all be so ignorant this way.

    Anyway things of the spirit can only be understood by the spirit.

    Flesh understands only flesh

    Cats are instruments and animal personalities used by witches and wizards to run wicked and demonic errands for their owners.

    The cat was on assignment simple

    May you nt receive a cat in your house or environs in Jesus Name

    I hate cats

  4. Is not a suprise to me afterall God created human bn to have dominion ova them(animals) dependng d kind trainng u give them

  5. They should have leave the cat to reach its destination to complete its assignment and then get to the root of it for proper investigation.Then, they find who wants to bell d ”CAT”.

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