How Wicked Cabal Allegedly Forced Buhari Home To Cover Face For The APC Party


buhari forced to return home

Sunday August 20, 2017 – How Wicked Cabal Forced Buhari To Return To Nigeria To Cover Face For The APC Party

After 105 days of waiting, Nigerians finally got their long awaited good news yesterday when President Buhari arrived Abuja at 4:35pm.

Sadly, Presidency insiders revealed that Mr President is still physically unfit to meet the requirements of the most difficult job in the nation.

Observers revealed how frail-looking Buhari walked towards the airport VIP lounge entrance, and then entered a waiting vehicle that took him to the Presidential Villa.

He is scheduled to make a radio and television broadcast to the nation tomorrow.

Buhari is clearly unable to fulfill the requirements of his office. The question is why the cabal bought him over, seeing how thin and weak he is. Sahara Reporters media had severally reported that the cabal had been trying hard to bundle Buhari over against medical advice.

Finally they succeeded in bringing him down, giving him immense stress, potentially worsening his condition and putting his life at greater risk. No one will bring his father or friend over, looking as Buhari does and stress him as they are.

These cabal are extraordinarily wicked. According to Sahara Reporter, there is clear evidence the cabal are hurrying to use the exhausted and physically stressed president to sign themselves juicy deals and sign off Nigeria’s assets and oil endowment to themselves and their cronies at the expense of Buhari’s health and the nation’s progress.