Will Smith Son Jaden Smith Comes Out As Gay A Year After Daughter Willow Smith Came Out As Lesbian

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Will Smith Son Jaden Smith Comes Out As GayA Year After Daughter Willow Smith Came Out As Lesbian

Jaden Smith has finally confirmed the report that he is gay.

The son of Hollywood actor Will Smith told a crowd at a concert in LA last night that rapper Tyler The Creator is his partner.

Tyler who came out as bisexual in 2017 was besides Jaden when he took the microphone to openly disclose their relationship.

will smith son gay

Here is what Jaden Smith said last night.

“Tyler The Creator is the best friend and I love him so much. And I wanted to tell you that Tyler the Creator is my f*cking boyfriend.” 

Watch the viral video of his confession below

The troubled young man has been battling alcohol addiction following the shocking drug scandal that pulled his family apart.

In 2017, Jaden Smith’s younger sister, Willow Smith came out as Lesbian on Instagram.

12 thoughts on “Will Smith Son Jaden Smith Comes Out As Gay A Year After Daughter Willow Smith Came Out As Lesbian

  1. These kids don’t have properly upbringing. They were influenced by demonic friends.
    Will smith and Jada are failed parents

    • I totally agree. Listening to Jada yammer on about them making their own choices as children was enough to label her an entitled, rich, hands off, irresponsible parent. Along with her clueless husband. Both children are lost, have no talent and will forever live off their parents money because they are spoiled little rich snots! I avoid any show, documentary or anything else the Smiths put out. They are creepy demonic individuals. Who cares if this little uneducated, ignorant cretin is gay? He needs to shut up and do something meaningful with his life besides being submissive to a dumb rapper!

  2. It is either you get on top of your children welfare or you fold hand and watch their lives ruin in your presence. Even the Bible says spare the rod and spoil the kids. It is not easy to be a parents to most of these 3rd generation kids, they need not to be spare of their wrong doing. They should be more discipline 3 times our time because devil find it easy to use them. Do not give them any lapses, if they are not in school, enroll them in religion class. Make Sunday school mandatory for them to keep them busy. You must keep them busy even if it is by finding them part time job, otherwise, by the time these generation grown up to be an adult, there would not be an institution called marriage. Most of these Clouds generation are copycat, they can be easily influenced.

  3. Will Smith and Jada are really failed parents, i said it many times,those 2 kids are not normal, cos the way the dress along will make you ask yourself, father what did i do wroung. to have 2 kids all become son and daughter of a devil, like same sex God. only the son he have in his first marriage is normal human being, is not better both pass monthly mestration,than to have this 2 useless animal as a child, i pray God bring them back to their normal brain. when you think of it, their parent 2,have what they call open marriage, means you can sleep with any body, but dont come out in public to show,cover in marriage, when parents do things ,like this what do you think,their kids will be,God save my kids from this gay and Lesbian or Bisexual thing.you can see both of them refused to become adult,they look like 13 to 14 yrs old sorry wahala 4 nothing children

  4. That’s the truth an a Damn shame these kids these days parents don’t care talk too them pay attention shit its all about them famous an shit money don’t buy talk Jaden & willow I knew it when they was growing up u could tell ?

  5. Ok. Now I knew those kids to be weird. Ever since Willow said she hates school with passion. But still they know a lot about science and history and stuff than an average secondary school student. It was difficult to read some of the comments due to wrong sentence construction and incorrect use of words. Common, you all been calling Jada and Will bad parents, how do you know? you don’t f#cking live with them. You all just repeat what the Internet says. What if they actually trained them properly but the kids refuse to heed. You guys need to chill you don’t have to judge the Smiths. We are in a strange world with strange things happening daily. This Lesbian-Gay-Transgender issue is in our world. And it’s by the grace of God we’re still standing. All that we can do is pray for them to see what’s right.

  6. damn this comment section full of homophobic people, smh y’all consider it an issue because of your children of the devil. am a catholic but y’all just hateful. don’t justify your hate with the word of god, he won’t forgive you for that.

    • Honestly, I’m starting to see homosexuality being used as a scapegoat do deflect from real problems. For the life of me, I could care less about who sleeps with who as long as it’s two consenting adults. This fixation on dictating who gets to screw who is irritating and not making our society’s problems any better.

  7. You all know dat whole state thing is a joke right….like all dis is just a big joke….Jaden was just playing arnd ND u retards took what he said so serious…ND Willow is so gay she has a boyfriend…plz bfr check ur facts properly bfr making retarded comments abt pple….Willow is not gay neither is jaden

  8. Okay, lets honestly open up the discussion folks?

    Will and Jada Smith are a part and parcel of the New World Orders Luciferian Transgendered Agenda. This is what these generational families do to their kids. Jada is a male to female Tranny just like Will’s first wife. This is his beard as it is called – his disquise so that people don’t know how much he likes being sodomized by Bennie Medina – his long time manager.

    So Jaden is truly a girl. She is not dating a male gay rapper. He is a young woman being portrayed as a young man to the public for well over a decade not. The Smiths wouldn’t let Jaden snuggle up to the Kardashian Tranny who is the big time model now – Kendall or Kylie – I am not sure which one.

    And Willow – hello this is young man playing a woman’s role.

    This is how these horrid hollow wood types do when they sell their souls for fame!!!

    Doesn’t get much sicker and twisted than this demonic family!!! who lives for the money and fame like so many others who sold their souls and their children and their children’s children souls to the devil for fame.

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