Wizkid Third Baby Mama Jada Pollock Photos: Singer 3rd Child Delivered By Single Mother Of 2 In London

wizkid third baby mama

Nov 20, 2017 – Wizkid Baby Mama 3 Pictures: Ayo Balogun London Manager Jada Pollock Is A Single Mother Of Two

Wizkid Third Baby Mama Jada Pollock Pictures: Wizkid’s 3rd Child Delivered By Single Mother 2 Of In London

It is no longer news that Nigerian musician Ayodeji Balogun has impregnated a woman old enough to be her sister but the interesting thing is that she is madly in love with him.

38-year-old Jada Pollock, a single mother of two lovely kids (a boy and girl) who is based in London UK was introduced to Wizkid early last year shortly after Wizkid signed a distribution deal with a UK-based company.

According to insiders, Jada who is insanely in love with the Nigerian hip hop artiste had two children with her husband before she walked out of her marriage years ago.

With her kids back in 2010

Wizkid and Jada Pollock welcomed their first child, baby Zion Ayo Balogun late last month.

Jada who was born to an American mother and a father from Venezuela is a graduate of Westminster University. She has her own clothing line, Jada Styles.

See more romantic photos of Jada and Wizkid below.

jada pollock wizkid

Meanwhile, some fans of the singer have started calling Jada Pollock, ‘Agbaya’ woman for allegedly throwing herself cheaply to the singer considering their age difference.

Wizkid turned 27 in July while Jada clocked 38 in February.

When it comes to matters of the heart, some women don’t really care about age.

She seems happy with him despite the fact that she took 11 years from him… Chai!!!! dis kind love no be here o.

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