Woman Who Stripped Before US Ambassador To Zimbabwe Vows To Continue Stripping Until Her Request Is Granted

woman strips before us ambassador to zimbabwe

Jan 27, 2013 – Woman Who Stripped Before US Ambassador To Zimbabwe Vows To Continue Stripping Until Her Request Is Granted

The Zanu PF devoted supporter, Ms Sheila Mutsenhu who caused a stir when she stripped before United States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr David Bruce Wharton, has vowed to continue with her (stripping) antics until the anti-sanction message is delivered home.

Ms Mutsenhu, a strong Zanu PF supporter who is based in Mutare, forced
Mr Whaton and his entourage to make a hasty retreat from Turner Memorial
Library last Wednesday where the ambassador had toured an American
Corner at the Mutare City Council-run Library.

In some circles, Ms Sheila Mutsenhu was ‘declared’ a heroine, others simply labeled her ‘an experienced stripper’ who embarrassed the whole nation. However, an adamant Ms Mutsenhu said she was not moved by what people were saying, as she was on a mission to add her voice on the growing chorus for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by US and its Western allies.

“I am happy that my actions helped to send the message home. As
Zimbabweans, it is high time we should send a very clear message to the
US and its allies that sanctions are hurting ordinary citizens. They
should be removed like yesterday because they are long overdue. THERE IS
NO GOING BACK IN MY ANTICS and what you saw is small, BIGGER THINGS ARE COMING because enough is enough,” she said.

However, My Zimbabwe News readers who commented both on our Facebook Page and our website demanded to know why Ms Mutsenhu had not been arrested yet amid reports that she had violated public indecency laws.

“If she was not a Zanu PF supporter certainly she would have been
arrested for public indecency. Police must arrest her. Evidence is there
in abundance,” commented one Tinashe Chinowawa on My Zimbabwe’s
Facebook Page.

[Credit: My Zimbabwe]

13 thoughts on “Woman Who Stripped Before US Ambassador To Zimbabwe Vows To Continue Stripping Until Her Request Is Granted

  1. At least she can stand up for what is right. How many man/men can do this or stand up for what is right. I don’t care if she butt naked but she is making her point, enough of other countries treating other African countries like shit.I am not from Zimbabwe but its time for Africans to start supporting themselves regardless.Thank you, stay strong and God bless Africa.

  2. i beleived its government sponsored display.bcos if u do it in public,u be arrested.and her action made no sense.but atleast ambassador enjoyd free show.but to the woman?i call it insane

  3. She’s just a plain nuisance, I wonder what she thinks she’s going to achieve by stripping infront of a white man. Does she thinks doing so would accomplish anything? It’s just the shallow mentality beliefs that doing so could results into whatever her motives is. The pure illitrate has a mockery of the country and herself before white people. Perhaps, she wanna give the Ambassador some blow ***!!

  4. U guys should leav the poor woman alone pls…in life if one has not dicova wat to die for,then u dnt deserv to live…if our forefatherz wer considering diplomacy and levelheadnes al the time,would there have bin any form of states independence?…in a nutshell,we hav to fight for wat we beliv in to achiev it in wateva way dim fit.

  5. If she think that is only way to accomplish her mission, let her go ahead.most women in the world pratice it

  6. ok! Ms Mutsenhu, next time remove everything and stand stark naked, so as to drive your point home. You hear? :) I hope the nuts of your head are complete.

  7. more women should do that to embarras them in that aspect of lifting their baseless sanction , I do not know that US and its western alied are still engaging their ambassadors mission to Zimbabwe.! Amazing! unnnhn! But who knows if the ambassor feeling good with free- strips. The great woman should get support of more women and continue in this action. God bless Africa

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