World’s Most Expensive Car Spotted In Abuja, Nigeria

worlds fastest car bugatti veyronBugatti Veyron

July 7, 2012 – World’s Fastest  & The Most Expensive Car Spotted In Abuja, Nigeria – Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron, the world’s fastest and the most expensive cars has been spotted in Abuja, Nigeria.

The N400 Million Naira car cost an estimated US$2.4 Million.

It also cost a whopping US$120,000 for transmission replacement only.

300 Bugatti Veyron exist in the world. The luxury car maintenance can only be done in Europe.

worlds most expensive car in abujaBugatti Veyron on Abuja road

To maintain the car for oil change, etc you have to fly it over to Europe.

Bugatti Veyron has permanent four wheels and uses Haldex Traction system with ten radiators.

World’s Fastest Car Bugatti Veyron Photos

worlds fastest car bugatti veyron

bugatti veyron 2012 interior

70 thoughts on “World’s Most Expensive Car Spotted In Abuja, Nigeria

  1. Naija is a country where bizarre habits has become the norm. In a country where over 76% of its population re impoverished nd less than 35% literacy level, what else do you expect?we ve seen hundreds of millions spent on prayer contractors in zamfara, same spent feeding almajiri nd another spent sponsoring people for hajj in kano. A bugati veyron is just one of our trade marks. I just pity the local government nd state where the owner hails from.

  2. I think the bugatti must be owned by one of the unserious illuminati members

  3. Maybe the buggati is owned by one of the unserious illuminati members

  4. Dis is crazy. Pls who owns dis BV? I wish to forward one needy person’s name to him who was maimed in an accident involving human creation like the BV for assistance. Dis man needs only N300T to walk again. Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity. Safe drive.

    • D fact is dat if i have such money i wil buy 10 of it…who cares its his money. Those of u dat ar judgin him shuld ask urslf who nd which needy person have i eva hlpd.

  5. What an extravagant ! Some People are living as if they will not die. In a country where 85% of ppl can not feed themselves daily.

  6. I think what the owner want is:i am 1st to drive BV in Naija,good,you can take it back,in a country where senator was killid by unidentified gunmen you now bring BV,my brother or sister i pity you and your family

  7. In a country were every things goes, bringing BV to naija is nothings new as for me but after he dies what else! Na wa ooooo

  8. The mumu that owns a car that the white men that the car was manufactured in their country do not use should be examined carefully. See what the likes of Dangote, Adenuga and a host of others are doing with their wealth. Na wah o! Wisdom is profitable to direct!

  9. If a nigdrian buy a car at rate of 400 m how much amount will remain for me& U in this Naija is a pity.

  10. God bless we all in Jesus name ….amen
    please fellow Nigerians let’s learn to look for the good in others
    philippians 4:8

  11. Somebody kindly shoot him/her in d head and confirm death,so others who hav looted our resourses will knw we r not happy.we r not just organised enough to b heard.people r suffering rogues r lagestin God punish them @ EFCC.ICPC my foot.bastards!

  12. Bt why 400 millior naira car haa lailaillalahu mohammed rosululai salaualai wasalam God pls av mercy*

  13. D car is owk…. But u we all knw dat wise spending is very gud… Pple like d owner shuld contribute nd help d needy nd society at large..!

  14. that is insane,it hurt me that a money that worth to change the life of millions of nigerians was just spent on a single car we are talking of #400m the person should be in hell by now

  15. In fact this is too bad knowin the economic situation of this country and the type of suffering the majority of the population is going through. This whooping money and all the cost of maintenance of this single car could be used to set up an industry or even industries and employ people in which the employees will have a higher standard of living and put smiles on their faces.

  16. can someone pls give me the name and surname of this person that bought a 400 million naira bugatti? is he hausa, igbo or yoruba?

  17. Yes d person has bought a car dat worth 400m nd wil still be flying dis car for maintenance as often as he can when many nigerians starve. Can people like dis not think of a way 2 save lives with their money. Remember dat everytin is vanity.

  18. Xpensive on xpensive 2 flyout 4 savicing is money, d car it self is money, NIGERIANS letx manage our resureces, if u can use dis money 2 by buy 1 car, u can still build compnies to help country 4rm unemplomen, i pray u phink wiselly and dogood 4 ur country.

  19. Bugatti on my mind. . . . . .i which to be a staff in the bugatti company if nt even staff but have seven bugatti veyron varies in coulour and i must tell the world bugatti veyron is an enjoyment, investment, entatainment. . .waooo all this? If you have the founds you are better join the ultimate owner of bugatti..ur name in the world record…. thank God 4 wisdom men. . . . B4 u made huge founds 2 aford bugatti u must v bless many human God bless the manufacturer..more u shall sale by the holygost power r r r r r r r r r r r r


  21. Nigeria is a country of firsts, The first country where corruption stinks to high heaven, where Aluu four killings went on, and till now, nothing concrete has been heard nor done by the authorities, now this.
    The Veynon Bugatti is sleek. I really admire Nigerians for one thing-fake life.
    In a country where pervasive poverty reeks, who would ever imagine such an expensive car could be driven here.
    A tale of contradictions if you ask me.

  22. its a gud thing that some1 has d most fastest and expensive car in d world in nigeria.but d question we should be asking ourselves is how d moni take com em hand.but d fact still remain dat am gonna get d car someday cos its my dream car.

  23. If i see that car at night i’ll make sure i teach the owner a lesson, what a waste of money, imagine 400 million naira for a car, insane.

  24. total madnez,diz car is it meant for our road here n even u want to do d service u av fly it back to Europe is total rubbish for d man dat bought car I knws its our money bt remember God dey

  25. Hnm what a useless world,when some people are striving to even eat once in a day whereas another person went to buy just a single car with a sum of 400million naira hnm this is an act of selfishness but i pray that may God that person

  26. the mumu man that owns d BV am sure own no single biz.otherwise he would av invested d money on good sure the road will soon ask him to return it 2 where he got it.

  27. To me BV is a good, does it means dat d person who design it should gain anything from is in conclusion nobody should say is bad to buy BV CAR

  28. What a shame! Arsbs buy them like buying a shirt.
    They steal oil to pay for fame and stupidity.
    Thier people r starving….they go back to thier camel anf forget d money they spend

  29. If U̶̲̥̅̊ can be so kind 2 have bought 4 urself the world most xpensive car BV,I guess U̶̲̥̅̊ shld be so kind 2 help atleast few member of ur country ppl following the poverty level in the country. Å̶̷̩̥͡•̸Ϟ a bizness man and have been into it 4 so long, Å̶̷̩̥͡•̸Ϟ actually a car dealer so I need small capital 2 help boost my biz.plz here is my account numba 9044833141590 Ayodotun Biobaku GTB bank and 0029178619 Ayodotun Biobaku Diamond bank

  30. wow bugatti veyron comfort on the high wat,what more can i say,its just xtremely beautiful i would love to have a baby like this

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