Would You Vote President Jonathan For Second Term In 2015 Presidential Election?

president jonathan 2015 reelection vote

Sept 12, 2013 – Would You Vote President Goodluck Jonathan For Reelection In 2015 Presidential Election?

Nigerians Have Mixed On President Jonathan’s Re-Election In 2015

According to a research NaijaGists.com conducted on our official Facebook page on Thursday, President Goodluck Jonathan‘s plan to contest for reelection in the upcoming 2015 Presidential election has sparked mixed feelings among Nigerians.

In our survey, almost half of the participants said they wouldn’t vote President Jonathan in for second term… View more result of the survey here.

An official Facebook page for President Jonathan’s reelection has attracted less fans.

Since last year, the page had only 115 fans.

In a recent campaign message, President Jonathan said:

I call on you my friends on this page and all Nigerians to give me your support and prayers that together we can liberate our country from the confines and self–inflicted wounds and limitations of the past

Would you vote President Jonathan for second term in 2015?

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75 thoughts on “Would You Vote President Jonathan For Second Term In 2015 Presidential Election?

  1. we the youth of this country should wake up because, enough is enough for these old criminals defrauding our country and making life hard for us. i am a graduate and i served with federal government parastatus but still i was not retain, because i dont have a senator or minister to recomend me. i was chased away to the labour market.
    the truth is that the rich will continue to get rich and the poor will get poorer. this country should break up for the sake of the future of our children… let every body start afresh again… we have learnt lessen i believe we will not make this mistake again.

  2. To outset, what is criticism? Commendation,judgement,then recommendation; y be sey nobody dey talk d gud tyns wey d man do? Jex his lapses? Even ur p’man 4 houz of lets sey 12 @ most no get flaws??? Talk more of a man who rules over 100million stubborn black heads. Whateva ill Nigeria is facing today (asuu,asup or whateva strike,boko haram, et al) is a tool being used by opposition parties to paint Jonathan’s administration black; all is politics- its a dirty game here in Nigeria. God fathers are vexing coz dey dont get a fair share anymore,,all need their share of the national cake-Obj,Atiku,and co. Wisen up everybody. If i were to vote come 2015,GEJ all the way,but this year,em nat gonna cue under d sun wifout a credit alert ‘from abuja’,lol

  3. The best solution to this insolency is for Nigeria to quench the growing rule of PDP. How can a party system take over the whole country for Over 30years now, no other party system, this issue will ruin our democracy. Let’s have a rethink.

  4. May God deliver nigeria, no state worse in democracy like Adamawa, no good road, no light no any achievement God punish Nyako.

  5. I will vote 4 him if he choose to com out because it is clear 2 me d@ d man is ready 2 revolutionize d country but some unscrupulous elements are using boko haram (buharism), ASUU, new PDP, amaechism, to ensure d@ ds man never perform up 2 standard yet he has failed them. ASUU SHUD GO N HUG TRANSFORMER BECAUSE DEY ARE NOT THE ONLY ‘THIEVES’ WHO IN EVERY YR GO ON INCESSANT STRIKES 4 GREED SAKE. WT 130 BILLION NAIRA, I THINK ASUU SHUD CALL OFF D STRIKE BECAUSE govt HAV OTHER SECTORS D@ EQUALLY NEED DEVELOPMENT N OVERHAULING. 4 d govt to b ready to giv d@ amount @ d@ early hour shows d@ it is a sincere one n lov nigerian students. ASUU IS D PROBLEM OF NIGERIAN STUDENTS D EARLIER DEY REALISE IT D BETTER 4 THEM. I REST MY CASE.

  6. that fool is not an igbo man,I don’t kw where he picked that name from.my ppl its been close to 2yrs,we re still buying fuel above n100..this yeye man said that everything will be fine in 6months.if that man remains in that seat come 2015that means we don’t ve ppl in Nigeria.Worst president.

  7. Well, if you ppl say that you cant vote jona for second term you are right but, know that all happen in this country is an hausa abition to make ppl of the nation to hate goodluck in other to die in power,…… They say only them can make nigeria better, the most currupt tribe is hausa man, they hav already poluted the country… Soo. Let’s give goodlurck suport to rescue this country for us brother and sisters.

  8. Honestly speakly, nothing Nigerians has accomplish to write Mr president name wth a golden pen. look hw he tricks us in subsidy aspect, engaging de pple in total struggle n poverty also nothing to view frm our educational sector tinz deteriorating day by day. Mr president, why nt allow de miks n honey to flow round to evry Nigerians n aleviate der suffering. if dis pains n sufferings continue b4 2015, i don’t tink i will vote 4 u n less put one tin into consideration dat de power, positions n money clamouring 4 we shall die n live them all one day.

  9. Vote my ass………layelaye I won’t vote him, I wil rather stay @ home if I ve no alternative

  10. I am d Pesido, Gov, Chairman of myself. am not benefitting anytin from dem, so no vote for anybdy but myself and me alone.

    Surely God will take control of dis country soonest.

  11. we should re-elect President Goodluck ebele Jonathan… for second term in office because he is a good person…!!!


  13. I hv voted for GEJ in 2011 but he has disappointed Nigerians, i thought he is capable of leading our great country to better, but he has failed. He engaged in increasing fuel price, releasing corrupt culprits, unable to tackle corruptions, devaluating our currency, poor infrastructures, no concern to education and lots more….I will try Buhari based on his passed records.

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