Yahoo Boy Uses Elder Sister’s Son For Money Rituals In Ikoyi Lagos, Buries Corpse In Forest

yahoo boy uses elder sister son money ritual

Feb 27, 2018 – Yahoo Boy Uses Elder Sister’s Son, Nephew For Money Rituals In Ikoyi Lagos, Buries Corpse In Thick Forest

Meet Owolabi Tunde, one of the big boys in Lagos who was recently arrested for using his family member for money ritual.

The suspected internet fraudster aka Yahoo Boy popularly called Money Talks was trailed to his home  by vigilant residents of Ikoyi who saw him when he went to dump the remains of his 7-year-old nephew in a thick forest after he allegedly used him for money ritual.

According to social media reports, Money Talks after his arrest took police operatives to the spot where he buried the corpse of the innocent boy.


He is currently in police custody.

7 thoughts on “Yahoo Boy Uses Elder Sister’s Son For Money Rituals In Ikoyi Lagos, Buries Corpse In Forest

  1. Sad. That innocent boy is sent on an errand of no return. Sad!!! Rip boy. As for you Tunde you shall have no peace.

  2. What money talks? Stupid illiterate. What shall we call the likes of Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Folorunsho Alakija etc? If not for the sanctity of human life, I would suggest he be thrown into a lions’ den and let them Jos delicious dinner of him. Bastard.

  3. all that glitters ain’t gold!your own sister son nawa o!and you will see them forming big boy not knowing they are rituals!

  4. I’m still trying to figure out how it is so hard for the government to enact the law that makes it death sentence for any ritualist. We love propaganda so much that we forget about the cancer that is eating us deep under our flesh. Nobody has ever been convicted in Nigeria for ritualism. The incidence that occurred in SOKA is inconclusive till today yet we want to move on and think that everything will be alright. After being arrested by the police, is either their godfather bail them out and most of them politicians running the affairs of this Country or the suspect bails himself out through some corrupt law enforcement officers.

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