My Wife Ashabi Is A Devil, God Has Stopped Anointing Me Because Of Her – Pastor Tells Court

pastor calls wife devilAshabi

My Wife Ashabi Is A Devil, God Has Stopped Anointing Me Because Of Her – Pastor Tells Court

A Pastor Michael Adebowale, has urged an Iseyin Customary Court in Oyo State to dissolve his four-year marriage.

My wife, Ashabi, is a devil,” the middle-aged pastor told the court.

Adebowale informed the court that the marriage contracted four years ago, had produced two children.

“My wife is evil, I noticed my prayers are not really answered by God like before and I have also noticed that I am now living with a devil.

“She will not attend church or join me in prayers, all she is specialised in is to gossip around town and go to parties.

“I have told her to pack out of my house and she has not obeyed me. I want her totally out of my life so that I can begin to receive`anointing’ again from God,” he said.

The President of the court, Mr Adelodun Raheem, after listening to the petitioner, ordered that another summons be served on the respondent.

He said Ashabi must appear in court at its next sitting and adjourned the case until October 5.

5 thoughts on “My Wife Ashabi Is A Devil, God Has Stopped Anointing Me Because Of Her – Pastor Tells Court

  1. But you could have discovered that earlier if you were Truly anointed, and now if you cannot control or cast out the devil in her,tell me how you can manage your congregation with legion of demon/devil? But on a more serious note,majority of spiritual men who have the zeal to serve God always face challenges with their wives, i guess that’s the first step to overcome before facing the real World.

    The easiest way devil can catch a man is through woman says MON.

    • Well said!!! @ Mon.
      How can he pastor a church full of demons when he can’t deal with one single demon in his house. His wife should be the one to run away from the house as a result of being uncomfortable with his hot prayers that sends down liquid holy fire

  2. Maybe this weaklin needs to read the entire book of Job. You should be happy that God is allowing the devil to test you through your wife. I believe Islamic folks too, have similar situation in the Quran.

  3. The bible admonishes men to be considerate with their wives so their prayers wont be hindered. This pastor should check himself if his prayers are not being answered and stop blaming his wife. We tend to spkritualise our foolishness a lot of times in this country rather than acknowledging our wrongdoing. That is why people wont stop blaming the devil for every wrong they do. Mr Pastor, go and start treating your wife as the queen she should be in your home and see if your prayers wont be answered

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