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woman killed jericho ibadan

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Woman Brutally Murdered In Jericho Ibadan A Day After Reporting Drug Addicts To Police

woman killed jericho ibadan

Woman Brutally Murdered In Her Home In Jericho Ibadan A Day After Reporting Drug Addict To The Police

In a chilling episode that has shocked the community of Idi Ishin, off NIHORT area in Ibadan, Oyo State, Ms. Olaitan Gbenle, a 69-year-old retired Permanent Secretary, was found gruesomely murdered in her home. The incident, which occurred between Thursday and Friday of last week, has not only sent tremors of fear through the neighborhood but also raised alarming questions about the safety and security of the elderly in society.

Ms. Gbenle, who had served the Oyo State Government with distinction, retired to what was expected to be a peaceful life in her residence along All Saints College Road. However, the tranquility of her retirement was brutally shattered. A source close to the Nigerian Tribune revealed the horrifying details of the crime: Ms. Gbenle was reportedly strangled after her assailants bound her hands and legs. The discovery of her body on Friday morning, still clad in the attire she wore the previous day, painted a grim picture of the ordeal she must have endured.

The perpetrators of this heinous act reportedly made away with her two vehicles, phones, and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards, hinting at a robbery motive. However, the extreme violence of the crime suggests a deeper layer of malevolence.

Adding to the complexity of the case is the information that Ms. Gbenle had, just a day before her murder, reported to the police about her life being threatened. She expressed concerns about some hoodlums, known for smoking marijuana near her residence, posing a danger to her safety. This preceding complaint casts a shadow over the incident, indicating that her fears were not unfounded.

The tragedy is compounded by the fact that Ms. Gbenle had recently lost the support of her maid, who left her employment two months prior to the incident. This left Ms. Gbenle alone and possibly more vulnerable to the attack. The timing of the murder is particularly poignant as it occurred just before she was due to host a meeting of retired permanent secretaries and heads of service on Thursday, November 16.

The only daughter of Ms. Gbenle, a medical doctor by profession, now faces the devastating loss of her mother in such brutal circumstances. The impact of this tragedy extends beyond the immediate family, touching the lives of colleagues and friends. A condolence message from the Association of Retired Heads of Service and Permanent Secretaries of Oyo and Osun States (AREHSPSOOS) reflects the depth of sorrow and loss felt by the community. The message, signed by the association’s chairman, Chief Bisi Adesola, a retired SSG and HOS, mourned the untimely death of Ms. Gbenle, whom he described as not only a committed member but also an able contributor to the association’s executive committee.

The cancellation of the November 16 meeting, as announced in the message, is a mark of respect and mourning for a colleague whose life was cut short in such a tragic manner. The association also promised to communicate further details of her funeral services as they become available from the family.

The murder of Ms. Olaitan Gbenle raises serious concerns about the security of senior citizens, especially those living alone. It highlights the need for more stringent security measures and community support systems to protect the elderly. As the investigation into her murder continues, there is a collective call for justice and for measures to prevent such heinous crimes in the future.

The loss of Ms. Gbenle, a respected and valued member of the community, leaves a void that will be hard to fill. Her tragic end is a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of ensuring safety and security for all members of society, particularly the elderly, who deserve to live their twilight years in peace and dignity.

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