18 Year Old Nigerian Boy Samuel Robinson Gets N200 Million Funding To Start Farming Business

nigerian boy 200milion funding farming business

May 6, 2017 – 18 Year Old Nigerian Boy Samuel Robinson Gets N200 Million Funding To Start Agricultural Business

A month ago, we shared with you the story of a boy named Samuel Robinson who posted a daring tweet that said.

“Who has 20 million Naira burning a hole in their pocket, give me and I will return 1billion in 2years”

Day before yesterday he posted that he was meeting with two billionaires yesterday and asked us to pray for him.

Well today he just posted that he has gotten a commitment of not 20 or 40 or 60 million Naira but 200million Naira!!!

I was saying it before that this boy is Nigeria’s black Bill Gates in the making and that if he had the discipline to learn Spanish, French and German then he might be on to something.

Well he has done it!!! . I am going to track this boy down.

Here is his tweet and Instagram post announcing his astounding accomplishment. If you don’t believe me, go and check by your self. He posted it like an hour ago. His handle is samuelrobinsonx on both the twitter and Instagram

We need more young people like this… And he says his idea is in agriculture… Agriculture!!! that all the youths are running from, Samuel is running towards it. This boy will go places. I just know it. As old as I am, me self I’m inspired… Time to dust off that my business plan I wrote 8 years ago.

Congrats to him.

8 thoughts on “18 Year Old Nigerian Boy Samuel Robinson Gets N200 Million Funding To Start Farming Business

  1. He no sabi anything. Wetin be Samuel Robson? Na rabbit name or na wetin monkey de see for dream? He no answer Nigeria name bicos he is plan to run away with that money. Nonsens.

  2. Chineke!!! 200 Milla!!! Please where is this boy I need to meet him… I need a job he can help my career. Please o send me his contact

  3. I hope this guy is not fronting for some people to dupe these investors of their hard earned money. Farming is not all that easy; and its profit rating is season determinant. 1billion in 2 years,hmmmm! Another MMM

  4. idiot! just look at that unreasonable, pointless and uncultured talk……Does the guy look like a scam to you,or do you think everybody has your kind of dunce brain…….Nigerians would always complain when one is making progress…….Samuel Robinson move on jareh,you’ve just inspired me and my team to push out fast…….We’re coming right behind you to make Nigeria a better country,not to tarnish her image like the young youths fooling themselves as g boys……..

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