Top 10 Romance Tips For Married Couples

Top 10 Romance Tips For Married Couples

Oct 27, 2012 – Top 10 Romance Tips For Married Couples

A few weeks ago, we examined the issue of romance in marriage. We defined romance as the actions and feelings of people who are in love, especially behaviour which is very caring and affectionate.  A romantic person therefore is one who says, or does things that make his wife or her husband feel special and loved.

Romance involves the expression of an individual’s feelings and emotions. We also highlighted some of the ways to keep the fire of romance burning in marriage. In it all, the high point is that romance is all about actions and feelings displayed by two people who are in love, that make them feel loved by each other’s acts of love, caring and affection.

Today, we will look at some of those things (actions) that make us feel loved, or express our love to our partners. These are definite things done creatively for each other that fire up our love, one for another. I have chosen to write out some of these romantic acts because of those who are just not romantic and may find it difficult figuring out what to do that can pass as romantic gesture. Of course, they will also help others to have a variety of romantic activities available for their use. Remember that romance can also be learnt, and these tips are some things we can learn about romance.

Romance Tip 1: Going on a journey

If your partner is going on a journey for a few days, tell her that you are worried about her safety. To be at peace, you have hired a bodyguard for her. Then, give her a teddy bear.

Romance Tip 2: On special occasions

On a special occasion, buy your partner eleven real red roses and one artificial red rose. Place the artificial rose in the centre of the bouquet, with a card attached, bearing a message: “I will love you till the last rose falls and fades away.”

Romance Tip 3: Special gifts

Buy a special attractive hand mirror as a gift for your partner, together with a love card with this message: “In this mirror you will see the image of the most beautiful and adorable lady in the world.”

Have flowers delivered to your partner’s workplace. He/she will not only enjoy the flowers, but draw memorable comments from the colleagues to keep him/her blushing all day long.

Romance Tip 3: Plant a tree

Plant a tree in your place and on your anniversary date annually, place a love card at the base with this message: “as this tree grows, so shall our love for each other keeps growing forever.”  You can spend time around the tree from time to time. Considering what it takes to keep the tree growing, it will help you to figure out and get committed to doing things that will keep your love growing forever.

Romance Tip 4: Whispering love words in a public gathering

Get close to your partner and whisper those sweet words of love in his/her ear. Try whispering how beautiful she looks in the midst of the gathering, and watch her blush. Such thoughtful acts in public gathering blow the mind of lovers. It is one great way of saying he/she is always on your mind.

Romance Tip 5: Have dessert in bed

If you want to give your spouse a special romantic treat, you should serve him/her dessert in bed, i.e. fruit or cake. To do this, have your wife/husband go to bed as usual, and while getting ready to sleep off, bring out a tray with dessert, with one spoon or fork. Share the dessert back and forth between each other without speaking, if possible. Play some soft romantic musical tunes, and see what happens thereafter. Note: this works well if your partner does not immediately fall asleep.

 Romance Tip 6: Take your partner on a romantic picnic

You can take your partner on a romantic picnic to spice up your love life. To achieve this, choose a location that is natural and secluded, a private place, where you’re certain you can be alone. Nothing spoils a picnic for two like other picnickers. Getting close to nature doesn’t mean setting up a home from home. It only requires certain essentials for picnics. So, avoid fancy crockery and food that needs carving, or cooking. Keep it simple with finger food that is easy to eat such as French bread, pate, cheese, fruit and chocolate. Wine is an elegant, romantic drink for a picnic, but don’t be so minimalist that you forget a corkscrew.

After you have eaten, it’s time to while away the afternoon. Here are some ideas: walking, chatting, gathering acorns, comparing leaves, smelling flowers, watching bark, admiring butterflies, climbing trees, showing off about how well you climbed those trees, digging up roots, playing hide and seek, kissing, cuddling, and being in love. But there are some things you should never do at a picnic, such as: arguing, sulking, littering, defecating without digging a hole, hunting rabbits, hunting squirrels, shouting at owls, eating the last piece of chocolate, sending emails, or exposing your breasts.

There are so many ways of making our partners feel loved. There is no hard and fast rule about it. All it requires is pure creativity in expressing our love. Once you can think, just go ahead and display that love in a creative manner towards your partner.

Romance Tip 7: Breakfast in bed

This is another romantic way a man can make his love known to his wife. Women are usually the ones saddled with the responsibility of fixing breakfast, but a romantic man can do so sometimes to send his wife a message of love. While she is still in bed, get out of bed early enough to make a simple breakfast, like cornflakes, oatmeal, bread and butter. This may even prompt an unplanned lovemaking.

What exactly do we stand to gain from a romantic marriage? What are the benefits derivable from keeping the fire of romance burning in your marriage? We will consider that next week. (article by Jude Ossai)

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  1. Honesty love comes frm God. And also improves by applying senses in using tips bcs nowadays in some cases in marriage today without money love cannot move on.

  2. love is sweet wen u and ur husband r truelly in love,not d other in Jos and d wife in Kaduna,it wont work that way,and also wen d finance is there,it will b sweet and ROMANTIC

  3. A very nice romantic tips that need to be observed by true & unconditional married partners, GOD bless ours too.

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