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Who Are Members Of The Illuminati: All Musicians & Celebrities In The Music Industry

members of the illuminati

Oct 25, 2013 – Who Are Members Of The Illuminati: All Musicians, Entertainers & Celebrities In The Music Industry

EVERYone in the music industry IS a part of the Illuminati!!!! Atleast at the lowest level. Take it from someone who dated the older brother of twin rappers “Kane & Abel” on Master P’s label. (Just their name alone is blasphemy) Danny & David Garcia.

Ive met them spoken with them because I was with their brother for 2 years. In order to get a record deal you must become a witch or a wizard or you can forget it. You must agree to worship the beast and agree to promote unholy music.

They sugar coat everything until they get you. The higher you climb the colder it gets (DMX “its cold on this level because its twice as deep”) There is monarch programming involved (the monarch butterfly is symbolic in Mariah Carey n Janet Jacksons video) which is a way to mind control the artist to do what the elite wants. They all have a “handler”.

The multiple personalities are actually demonic possessions after rituals done to conjure them up and invite them in. The paler the skin the bluer the eyes the blonder the hair the more it is sought upon from the elite. You can bet that the elite resemble what I just described. (Because it is the most humanly form of angelic appearance) And the most blasphemy to God. (Yahweh) Think about why Beyonce is blonde, & now Kim once she got Kanye.

Nicki Minaj, that are not naturally then think about Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Sisquo, Chris Brown, Eminem… I could go on but you get the point. The

Royal Family is a satanic bloodline just like your Rothchilds n Rockerfellers. Anyone that was a president. This even stems way back to lords and kings people of great wealth. 99.99% of the time are also involved. Since the Love of money is the root of all evil. And the root would be lucifer.You also have black n red being like after fire …burnt n flame color…red (Gods colors are blue and white…think of the sky AND the ocean n breaking waves) Ever wonder why the final recording of any music album is called the MASTER? Know this.

They take the master and put it in the middle of a pentagram and call 13 witches to conjure up demons to go with that recording no matter how and where it is dispursed to influence the listeners. #s are very symbolic to occultists. 3s 6s 9s 13 #s together that add to these etc. Think about sports. Watch Lebron before a game. Is he not #6 since he gained more power being that # after the USA team? These people give thanks to whoever is writing their checks. And its NOT GOD! The “a ok” sign w the hands is actually 666. The Bible says that is the mark of the beast. He was right even centuries ago.

The Illuminati like to feel that they can “predict the future”. Subconsciousness things telling you about 9/11 before hand etc. When in fact satan already knows his doom. He just wants to take as many souls w him as possible.

The Bible tells you how to eat to make sure your body works its best. Funny how there is a McDonalds on every corner making bookoo bucks off your untimely death. The faster you die the more chance you are NOT living right and guess who gets your soul? LIFE has 1 purpose. To serve God. But society has made it seem “uncool”. If its easy to get and everyone is doing it… that is enough for you to know to steer clear. The occult are into the same thing as how the Bible explains “pagans” worshiped the golden calf. Or anything BUT God. They worship the Owl. You will noice things if you know what to look for. Owls on clothing. Winged shirts w 13 feathers on each side. Triangles and pyramids. The Egyptians enslaved Gods chosen…the Jews.

That is why Kanyes video Power n all these things are Egyptian related. They aren’t modern… it is as old as centuries ago. DO YOUR RESEARCH. The only law to a satanist is “Do What Thou Wilt” Do what u want to do. U r ur own god. Think about it. These people are promised they will be like a god and be worshipped.

And what do u do when your IDOL is on stage? Do u scream like that in church for God? No. And while performing in the booth or on stage that person is no longer there, in fact the demon or demons have taken over n he is the 1 being worshipped. You Tube Illuminati and the name of your favorite artist. Ive seen video of Beyonce claiming she lifts her hands an felt something “come inside her” (an no it wasn’t the holy ghost) then in practice she herself cant hit the notes or get the dance moves but when on stage “sasha fierce” can…ive seen video of nicki minaj claiming roman was a “boy” who “lives inside her” he was “BORN” out of “Rage” (rape? dont think it doesnt happen) these people are sex slaves.

Think about the most awful things in the world and know that this does exsist. These horror movies are not just made up. Be aware. Know the truth. The opposite of god is what the devil is going to flood them with. Know all your male artist are involved against their will in homosexuality to keep status and fame n money.

[Article by Kayte]



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    November 10, 2016 at 9:09 AM

    i wont 2 become members of illuminant

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    I want to get rich

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