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How To Create Free Blog In Nigeria, Start Blogging With No Money (FAST)

how to create free blog nigeria make money 2019

How To Create Free Blog In Nigeria 2019: Start Blogging In Nigeria With No Money (New Guide)

Without spending a dime, you can start a blog in Nigeria and earn from it working at the comfort of your home. Though it is generally believed that customized blogs rank faster than the free ones in search engines, you may start first with a free blog and upgrade later to a customized one.

Blogging requires a lot of technicalities which most newbie and veteran bloggers may not be able to handle right from the onset. Such bloggers get frustrated eventually and quit without giving it a second thought.

So, if you don’t have the money to spend on blogging yet, you can get started with a free blog, learn from veteran and authority bloggers, and become a rocking blogger in the long-run.

Starting a free blog as a newbie will give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn blogging from grassroots without the risk of losing money
  • Study the ethics of blogging properly and be able to focus on what matters as far as making money is concerned
  • Learn how to build a blog on blogging pillars (Fundamentals)
  • Try blogging out for a few months after which you may need to go fully-customized
  • Master the use of the keyword and niche research tools
  • Learn from other bloggers in your niche
  • Avoid giving up which occurs as a result of spending without earning
  • Figure out how long it takes to build a blog before traffic should start rolling in
  • Get rolling with your personal blog and virtual real estate

With a free blog, you can possibly do the following in your online journey:

  • Make money online working at the comfort of your bedroom
  • Create unlimited articles to build an online empire
  • Build engagement with your target audience
  • Grow your blog audience from the onset
  • Build traffic using both free and paid traffic sources
  • Build a multi-billion Naira brand without spending a dime
  • Get financial freedom in a lifetime
  • Unlock the numerous opportunities to become a successful internet entrepreneur
  • Get your free blog ranked in search engines
  • Write guest posts for pro bloggers
  • Create strong bonds with authority bloggers
  • Connect to online influencers
  • Earn cool and consistent revenue
  • Upgrade to a customized blog anytime

Here are the step-by-step procedures to create a free blog and start blogging right away in Nigeria:

  1. Choose a Search Engine Optimized blogging platform such as, or
  2. Create a user account with your email address and password
  3. Create a free blog and start creating right away
  4. Choose from the pool of templates provided at your own disposal to design your newly-created free blog
  5. Start publishing
  6. Build engagement with your readers and respond to all comments within 6-24 hours
  7. Submit your free blog URL to search engines and blog directories
  8. Add a social share plugin to your free blog
  9. Join the high Page Rank forums and include your free blog address in the signature section to build links
  10. Visit other blogs to improve your blogging skills.

Choose a Search Engine Optimized Blogging Platform such as, or

When it comes to choosing a search engine optimized blogging platform, WordPress would be the first to be considered. Most authority bloggers out there leveraged this platform to blog and used the plug-ins.

Research shows that the highest Page Rank sites are WordPress sites. There are hundreds of SEO features, themes, and plug-ins for anyone to leverage on this platform.

Create a User Account with Your Email Address and Password

You must create a free WordPress account first if you’re going to leverage the blogging platform. The platform has easy-to-use and user-friendly features for both the newbie and veteran bloggers.

Activate your newly-created user account by clicking through the verification link sent to your email address and start using the platform straightaway.

Create a Free Blog and Start Creating Right Away

Once you’ve activated your user account, it’s time to start creating. Make sure you focus on a niche that you really have passion for. By being a passionate blogger, you’ll hardly experience writer’s block while creating content.

Your free blog address must be relevant to both your chosen niche and the title of your blog. This will ensure that your blog will always show up in search results.

Choose from the Pool of Templates Provided at Your Own Disposal to Design Your Newly-Created Free Blog

On the WordPress blogging platform, you have hundreds of blog templates at your own disposal to give your new blog a beautiful and professional look. The look of your blog also matters as to what constitutes ranking in search engines.

Start Publishing

Once you’ve successfully launched your new blog, you should start publishing content immediately. Content is king when it comes to getting a high Page Rank in search engines. It’s the top ranking signal in Google. You can really build an empire with content provided you’re ready to implement the right strategy.

Build Engagement with Your Readers and Respond to all Comments within 6-24 Hours

As a free blog owner, you equally have the opportunity to build engagement with your readers (Your target audience) through comments. Once you can endeavor to write informative and helpful content, readers will take up their time to read down the page and leave their valuable comments.

Respond to all comments in less than 24 hours to encourage participation and build engagement.

Submit Your Free Blog URL to Search Engines and Blog Directories

To get your blog noticed and ranked more quickly, submit your free blog URL to search engines and blog directories.

Add a Social Share Plug-in to Your Free Blog

Adding a social share plug-in is crucial to the SEO of your blog. Every time you publish a blog post, you’ll have to share with your friends and groups on social media. Doing this consistently will help you improve your search engine ranking.

Join the High Page Rank Forums and Include Your Free Blog Address in the Signature Section to Build Links

Have you considered making posts to forums (High PR forums)? This is the most feasible way to get high-quality back links. By editing your signature with your blog address, this address will show up at the bottom of every thread and post you create on the forums.

Visit Other Blogs to Improve Your Blogging Skills.

It’s certain that your blogging skills will improve by constantly visiting other people’s blogs. Read posts on authority blogs and comment on them to encourage discussion.

To make the most out of this, subscribe to the latest posts on authority blogs. Make sure you click through and read down the page whenever you receive a post update in your email.




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