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Why Hausa Marriages Fail By Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu jari katsina

Oct 1, 2014 – Why Hausa Marriages Fail By Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu jari katsina

Been a bonafide, original and authentic Bahaushe (Hausa man) from the historic city of katsina, a son to a Hausa man and a Hausa woman, i feel obliged to write about why marriages, specifically Hausa one often failed now a days.

Hausa been the largest and one of the most structured languages in Africa is threatened with foreign interventions (often west) to the extend that some of its dear ethics, norms and values are no longer honored and preserved.

In the olden days, a girl usually gets married at 13 or 14, at most 16-18. with the gradual coming in of the Arabs that brought Islam, that culture then changes from tribal to an Islamic one. later in the 20th century,
after the fall of sokoto Caliphate in 1906, the English culture started to flourish. Conventional schools where built to train both male and female, thus, that was the initial unprecedented level that start to change Hausa tradition of marriage. This is because, as of then, the now a days nursery and primary school was at that time called elementary school with about 9 years duration before completion. This is also in
addition to about at least, 10 of child age before enrollment, thus, female Hausa ladies age of marriage changed from the average of 15 then, to about 20 years. That is in the (1970s-90s).
Around about 1990s, the tradition of marriage age of both Hausa men and women have been changed and accepted
(unwillingly) to about 30 and 25 respectively. With the popular acceptance of tertiary education for both male and female, the ages changes to about plus 5 years for both male and female respectively.

In my opinion, Hausa marriage is struggling between its own cultural and religious values, to western and social interventions.
Secondly, social and economic development, with increasing Hausa people
in the elites circle of Nigeria, at both state and federal level, that also greatly helped in killing our marriages. This is because, with our natural nature of easy acceptance and incorporation in a foreign society, that helped also is killing our marriages.
Thirdly, use of religion in achieving our desires. Though Islam has allowed polygamy, that is not utilized efficiently in Hausa land and societies. This is because of either arrogance or ignorance. A person with
no job or a job that can support only one wife, will end of having two and
20 children. I support polygamy, because is allowed by Allah The Most High. But Allah said in Q4 v 3 that marry women of your desires up to 4 if you can You can establish justice between them. Also Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.S) said “oh you youths, who ever among you can support a wife let him get married”
Lastly, use of unlawful means and methods before
the marriage. In Islam, a person is not allowed to even talk to a girl without her father’s consent and approval. Now a days, Hausa dating and courtship is going on in social medias and market place. Also, lack of good understanding is another factor. Also difference in showing caring and love to partner after marriage.

Finally, Hausa marriage has its beauties that we cherish and love forever. And the problems with our marriages failure can be remedied by going back to our Islamic and cultural norms, values and system.

By comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu jari katsina. the
president cultural and social
re-orientation front.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. abdullahi buba garba

    July 1, 2015 at 2:48 PM

    may ALLAH reward u for ur contribution to the ummah and hausa community

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