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Vocational And University Education In Nigeria

vocational university education nigeria

Every human needs basic education so as to become a person that is useful to himself and the society. Everyone needs to develop mentally and morally especially by instruction. That is why I agree with this wise saying: “Education, without it, what is man? A mere slave, a reasoning savage”.

However, after a person have had basic education, what kind of additional training or education does he/she really need to survive in contemporary Nigeria? Would a person really need a skill or spend so much money and time in acquiring a university degree? It is imperative for parents and educationists to constantly think about this issue considering the rising unemployment and crime rate in the country.

There should be an emphasis of vocational education in Nigeria. Vocational education involves being in training in a skill or trade to be pursued as a career. On the other hand, university education in most cases offers academic degrees.

university education in nigeria

It is true that most young ones yearn for university education so as to be able to have high-paying jobs. But the number of such jobs available is very small compared to the large number of graduates that are released every year into the job market. In addition, imagine a parent that sent his child to a university and spent over 1 million naira on the child for a four or five year program.

If that money is invested for a child after having acquired a skill in two or three years, it would certainly yield more income and even more beneficial. After graduating, the university graduate would still be spending time looking for job while the one with a vocational skill is already thriving in his business.

Therefore, one can rightly conclude that vocational education should also be encouraged more in the Nigerian society. While its true that university education has its invaluable role in any society, the practical nature of vocational education can never be overemphasized.

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