Boko Haram Suicide Bombers & Sponsors In Nigeria Are Foolish

suicide bombers boko haram

March 21st, 2013 – Boko Haram Suicide Bombers & Sponsors In Nigeria Are Foolish

1. All the sponsors of boko harams politically and religiously are in hiding

2. Their children are safe in oversea countries enjoying themselves

3. They are not losing any members of their own family at all because they plan and program the attacks together so, they in advance well inform their relatives and friends how to move safe daily

4. The Boko harams are fast killing themselves inclusive of their purported enemies – the Christians and excluding their sponsors and mentors

Therefore the question is this?

Do the boko harams reason at all that their mentors are very wise yet foolish and they the boko harams are the most ignorant and foolish beings ever in existence

How can someone gives me money to destroy myself, and he himself the sponsor has not done so for me to see as example

The sponsors if truly they live God and hate humanity should as well die together with their slaves and staff- the boko harams . They should not hide. Let them come out openly and display their strength.

The people they use in destroying and throw bombs are even better than this so called untouchable and unjudgable mentor senators that the Government of Jonathan has been protecting and shielding

One thing is sure anyway. And that is, that the judgement of God is inescapable by all. Both mentors, Government that is hopelessly confused and the killers

Nobody has right to take another man’s life. For all creations are of God and from Fod and unto God

The hiding killers will die some day no matter how safe they play

Let the North separate from Nigeria and let them serve and do whatever we will. It is not by force please

We are fed up with all these shenanigans and the guns in Government.