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Bloody Cult Clash Kill 5 In Enugu State

By Phil Ugwu

17th October 2013, at 2:45pm Enugu State.

5 killed in a bloody renewed cult clashes in Enugu.No fewer than five persons including a suspected former councilor were killed in a renewed cult clashes that occurred in different parts of Enugu state, the problem which occurred between the two cults rivals inside the campus of Enugu State University of Science and Technology.

The clashes which occurred on October 2013 happens to be the most dangerous one that has ever hit the campus. It was gathered that two persons were killed in the morning at the faculty of management science in the campus which one was killed at Onuasata in the afternoon.

According to our source, the fourth person, suspected to be the only son of Igwe, His Royal Highness of one of the autonomous community around the University was killed in the evening at one eating center around their house.The police intervened and the assailants ran away with their car. He was said to have ran to Anambra State after the killing of one of his friends named Kingsley, and also the killing of his only living parents, his father.

According to a reliable source, Mr. Ernest Ifeanyi Eze ran to unknown destination and the Government declared him wanted and ordered to kill him at first sight.

Mr. Ifeanyi Eze and his gangs were on the run now and have been banished from their community for his son Onyebuchi who was murdered in cold blood. No one has ever set eyes on them.


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