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10 Benefits Of Buying, Patronizing Made In Nigeria Products & Goods

benefits buying made in nigeria products

10 Benefits Of Patronizing Made In Nigeria Products

These benefits will be for the nation, yourself and your neighbor. It is surprising the level of ignorance of people who clamor for the foreign product at the expenses of a similar product made in Nigeria.

Some of these celebrated products are from developing countries like ours. As expected, they label those products with the names of the developed countries so people can buy it. Soon the buyer of those products regrets their action when it did not deliver to their satisfaction.

Apart from people spending their hard-earned money on poor quality products from the overseas, the nation loses her value and endangers the local factories. However, in this post, I will share 10 benefits of patronizing made in Nigeria product

  1. It shows you are a true Nigerian: One benefit of patronizing made in Nigeria products is that it proves your nationality as a Nigerian. A true child of a family will do everything to protect the image, value of the family. Each time you buy a made in Nigeria product, you signal the producer they’re doing well, and they can count on you for their survival. You tell the nation’s leader we have what it takes to make a great nation. Also, your patronage tells the international community we have good products in the country.
  2. You keep the local factory moving: The best economy relies on Cottage Companies to drive their economy. The start-ups will also keep moving and growing to become quoted companies if you patronize made in Nigeria goods. With your patronage, more entrepreneurs will enter the market with the assurance that their products will sell. This creates more jobs.
  3. You keep your neighbor on the job. When you patronize made in Nigeria goods, there will be a reduction in job losses. Factory closes down when there are no sales. But if every Nigerians patronize the locally made products, we will keep the factory moving and there will be job security. Consequently, when more people keep their jobs there will be fewer beggars and dependents in the country. And that will also cut your expenses on those who depend on you for survival. Then, the ripple effect will be a better economy.
  4. It boosts the economy. When the citizens patronize made in Nigeria product, it increases the GDP of the country. The GDP of a nation is measured by the level of the internally generated fund. So, when a company produces and made a good sale their revenue stays within the country. Hence, the nation gets more money. Such income comes from company and workers’ taxes, exportation duties, and tariff.
  5. It encourages the foreign investor: No nation lives in isolation. So, your patronage of Nigeria goods will encourage the international community to invest in the country. And as a result of that, other nations will see Nigeria as a good place to invest. The patronage of Nigeria goods will bring about a robust, bilateral and multilateral relation with the international community.
  1. It showcases our social-cultural values: There is no doubt Nigeria has one of the best cultures in the world. They depict such values in our food, dance, music, and fashion. So, if we will celebrate and patronize our own then others will do. We can export most of these cultural and social values for foreign earnings for the nation.
  2. Assurance of social security: There is a popular saying that “An idle hand is the devil’s workshop”. As such the rate of crime is on the increase because of the unemployment of the teeming youth in the country. This is because indigenous companies lack patronage but if the factories are running, young people will get the job and crime will fizzle out with time.
  3. It will cut rural-urban migration: The major reason people move from the rural area to the city is the search for a job and social amenities. This is what makes life comfortable for them. However, if people patronize made in Nigeria goods, local producers will cite factories in the rural area as well and only a few people will have any reason to move to the city.
  4. There will be even development in the country: Whenever factories spring up in the local area the government will move to put basic amenities in that community.  These include good roads, electricity, and water, and a hospital for the citizen.

The government is doing that to generate revenue in the future. And apart from that, the companies cited in these places will fulfill their community social responsibility to complement the government’s efforts in providing water, health center, electricity, etc.

  1. Change of Status: The international community knows Nigeria as an import-dependent nation. But if have factories in many places to create several products and Nigerians are buying them, the status of the nation will changes. Instead, of a consuming nation, Nigeria become a producing nation. Nigeria will move from a mono-economy nation depending on oil to becoming a multi economy nation.

In all, the impact and merit of patronizing made in Nigeria product are enormous. You can’t know the effect until you as a Nigerian prove such good citizenship as you make purchases of Nigerian product a habit.


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