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To Nigerians in Diaspora or citizens living in Nigeria, getting the latest breaking news from Nigeria is highly essential to keep abreast of events and happenings in the country. is the no 1 breaking news from Nigeria site.

We bring you up to date genuine news as it breaks.

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23 thoughts on “Breaking News From Nigeria Today

  1. pls how can i get registered so that i will be having the news alert via my phone to be in touch with the recent happening in nigeria? You can reply me through the number 08067634501

  2. The World wil b a better place than we fine it if we work based on true loyalty to our country deviod of religious sentiments

  3. Happy Handing Over 2 All Nigeria God Wil Perfect Everything Concering Us In Jesus Name

  4. we need understand, a rome was not build in a day, lets take it easy, things shall be alright. even GOD that created the haeven & earth, its was not done a day, we should keep on praying for the betterment of the nation , may GOD bless us. keep praying for good, it may be ur turn to serve the nation for those leading the countrt they ar not better than u &I TNX.

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