Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment Program, Application Form 2013

Update December 2nd, 2012 – Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment Program, Application Form 2013

The Nigeria Customs Service is one of the many Nigerian agencies whose officers are seen in uniform (others include the Nigeria Police Force, the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps and so on). The agency recruits a very large number of able-bodied Nigerians with varying qualifications into its fold on an annual basis. Due to this reason, the service remains one of the agencies in Nigeria which open the widest doors for employment of Nigerian youths. Although this article is meant to enlighten you about the Nigeria Customs Service recruitment program, it is very important that a brief history of the agency be looked into. Of course, you may be called for an interview during which you may be asked to discuss a brief history of the agency (who knows?). Apart from that, don’t you think that it is not ideal for you not to know some things about an agency which you would like to work for?

The Nigeria Customs Service, a paramilitary agency was first established in 1891 during the days of the British Colonial rule in Nigeria and Mr T.A. Wall was appointed as its first Director-general. It was first know as the “Customs for the collection of inland revenue in Niger coast protectorate”. In 1922, the agency’s name was changed to the “Department of Customs and Excise, Federation of Nigeria”. The agency underwent many restructuring processes until 1960, when Nigeria gained her independence. It was after this time (1964) that the first Nigerian Director-General of the agency, Mr Ayodele Diyan. The agency was granted additional powers by the Decree No. 7 of 1970.The motive behind the decree was to widen the scope of the agency and make it serve more of national interest.

Presently, the Nigeria Custom Service has 4 zones, 25 area commands and is comprised of 3 departments namely:

  • Tariff and trade
  • Enforcement Investigation and Inspection
  • Corporate service and economic relations

The agency is headed by a Comptroller-General while each of the above-listed departments is headed by a Deputy-Comptroller-General.

Now to the recruitment process, when the time is right, the Nigeria Custom Service, via the various mass media, calls for applications from able-bodied Nigerians who can work for the agency in various capacities. The agency’s website is usually the only source of the recruitment forms. A copy of the Nigeria Customs Service application form for recruitment into the agency can be downloaded from the Nigeria Custom Service website. However, this is only possible when the agency announces officially that the forms are available.

Going by what has been recorded from recent years, the recruitment program of the Nigeria Custom Service usually commences sometimes around April (may be March or May). So, if this record is anything to go by, you may hope that the Nigeria Customs Service recruitment 2012 will commence anytime from now. So, if you are seeking a job and you see this agency as one of those places where you would love to work, then be expectant!

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