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How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria: How Much Do Bloggers Make, Earn In Nigeria

How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

How to Become a Blogger & Get Paid in Nigeria: How Much do Bloggers Make, Earn in Nigeria

Income And Earnings Of Successful Bloggers In Nigeria Revealed

Do you want to quit your daily 9-5 jobs and become a blogger? Maybe you’ve bought several eBooks that talk about blogging and how one can become a successful and rocking blogger, right? I’m pleased to tell you today that you can become a blogger without buying an eBook so far you’re ready to learn and have a great passion for what you’re about to venture into.

How Much Do Nigerian Bloggers Earn, Make On Their Blogs

People spend up to N50,000 to learn blogging in Nigeria which is truly worth it, but you can become a rocking and professional blogger without spending a dime except the little amount you’ll need for setting up your blog site address and making it go live on the web.

If a blogger could be generating more than N7,000,000 in a three-month period in Nigeria, then you can make money blogging in Nigeria too without hassling at all. Your duty would be to implement the working strategy and follow the blogging fundamentals.

The pros of today actually built their blogs on the proven blogging pillars and are earning thousands now. If you’re ready to work the techniques with the right energy, you’ll soon become like them to celebrate financial freedom in a lifetime.

In Nigeria, bloggers earn based on the page rank of their blogs. The higher the search engine ranking, the more the organic traffic, and the lower the ranking, the lower the traffic! We have bloggers in Nigeria who earn more than N5,000,000 a month while some earn from N500.000 to N3,000,000 a month depending on how much time a blogger is willing to work on his blog daily.

How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

The following steps will guide you in becoming a blogger in Nigeria:

  1. Choose an interest to blog with
  2. Own a blog
  3. Attract visitors to your blog
  4. Add a social share button to your blog
  5. Respond to comments on your social media posts
  6. Get high quality links back to your blog
  7. Publish content frequently while engaging visitors

Choose an Interest to Blog with

Your interest is the same as your niche or passion. It has to be exactly what you’re so passionate about. You must be ready to write about it anytime of the day and nothing must change your mind from blogging about it in a lifetime.

One risk about choosing an interest in blogging is that people quickly believe that they chose another person’s niche on starting out and, so they have to change it again. They simply develop this kind of thought because they strongly feel they should have started making money which is not happening yet.

Own a blog

To own a blog in Nigeria, choose a reliable domain registrar to register your blog domain name with and purchase a suitable hosting package to launch an ideal blog.

Once you’ve successfully launched your blog, know that you’ve started an online brand, and a virtual real estate. Also note that you’ve begun a journey that will lead to financial freedom and never mind critics.

Attract Visitors to Your Blog

The concept of attracting quality and targeted visitors is the most crucial aspect of blogging. So, you must learn how to build targeted traffic for your blog lest you blog for yourself to read only. It starts from the kind of content you publish on your blog. How creative, informative, engaging, remarkable, compelling, or helpful are your articles?

Once you can figure out the solution to this, you’ll successfully become a blogger and earn cool money online working at the comfort of your home.

You can leverage the social media Ad marketing packages to build social media traffic while you may incur little expenses on buying Google Ads to boost your blog organic traffic fast. These are the quickest ways to generate tons of traffic on your blog and become an authority in the online world.

Add a Social Share Button to Your Blog

If you have many active fans, friends, followers, and group members on social media, leverage this to build reputation for your blog and become a rocking blogger doing what you love doing at the comfort of your home.

Many people abuse the social media by adding too many friends believing this is the right way to get immediate traffic. Getting social media traffic is not by adding a lot of friends, but by helping other people solve their problems.

Respond to Comments on Your Social Media Posts

Always check out the comments left on your social media posts by other people and make sure you respond to all of these comments in order to become a rocking and passionate blogger soonest.

Helping other people one way or the other is the real way to build an online empire and that is simply how it works. Search engines rank blogs that do engagement more productively than others.

Get High Quality Links Back to your Blog

Of all the strategies for building high-quality back links online, posting high-quality answers to questions on Quora is the most working strategy and this platform is waxing stronger every day. You’re allowed to add your site URL to every answer you post on Quora and this will help you generate links at a pace faster than other means.

Forum posting is another strategy to get high-quality back links to your own blog. On most high Page Rank forums, you’re allowed to include your blog URL as signature and this appears at the bottom of every post you publish.

Publish Content Frequently while Engaging Visitors

For you to become a rocking and successful blogger soonest, you must publish high-quality and helpful content frequently to satisfy your readers’ appetites.

Readers will love to stay for some time on your blog and read posts once they can find a lot of information in what you blog about. This is how you build a brand online. This is how you rock a blog and become successful in earnest.

To make the most out of the content you create from time to time, emulate pros by visiting their blogs regularly. Subscribe to their latest posts and ensure you read the latest posts on authority blogs.


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