LOL Is A Satanic Abbreviation Meaning Lucifer Our Lord – Satanists End Their Prayers With It – Report

lol satanic abbreviation

Nov 29, 2012 – LOL Is A Satanic Abbreviation Meaning Lucifer Our Lord – Satanists End Their Prayers With It – Report

When we “laugh out loud” online, are we really praying to Satan, the prince of darkness himself?

The answer is no, but an image posted by a user on the social news site Redd it is warning the Internet otherwise.

According to the directive, which is meant to be shared “with Christians,” the classic and ubiquitous “LOL” acronym stands for “Lucifer our lord,” something the image’s creator doesn’t find funny at all.

“BEWARE: Stop using the abbreviation ‘LOL,’” the hastily made image that invokes the same qualities as a Westboro Baptist Church sign reads.

“‘LOL stands for ‘Lucifer our Lord.’ Satanists end their prayers by saying Lucifer our Lord,’ in short, “LOL.’ Every time you type ‘LOL’ you are endorsing Satan.”

If the warning, posted by Redditor DkryptX, in the “atheism” subreddit, were true, there would be a lot of Satanists on Twitter.

“I met the prime minister in overalls lol,” pop star Justin Bieber tweeted from Instagram in one such example. Columnist Roland Martin also has a habit of ending his tweets with “LOL.”

“Can someone please tell him that YOLO means ‘Youth Obeying Lucifer’s Orders?”” joked another Reddit user. Fans of the rapper Drake might disagree. The former star of the TV series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” popularized the “you only live once” acronym recently.

Still, the image warns “Do not use ‘LOL ever again!”

Other sarcastic comments on Reddit repurposed “swag” to mean “Satan’s wishes are granted,” “ROFL” as “rise, our father Lucifer,” and “BRB” as “Beelzebub rules below.” Who knew that saving keystrokes was such a devilish pursuit?

To most people, however, ROFL means “rolling on floor laughing” and BRB is simply “be right back.”

For language prudes, the outing of these “real” definitions may come as a relief. According to commenters the Reddit thread, WTF isn’t an offensive question at all. It really means “worship the fallen.”

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27 thoughts on “LOL Is A Satanic Abbreviation Meaning Lucifer Our Lord – Satanists End Their Prayers With It – Report

  1. Oh this is really bizzare…it is best not to use abstruse/incoherence abbreviated language”…..IN GOD WE TRUST …..MAY THE. ALMIGHTY exorcise before us ……AMEN

  2. It is not new news that religion uses fear to imprison peoples mind hindering them from achieving greater things in life.If you believe that Jesus has set you free from the power of darkness, why then should you live in fear of the Devil?
    Whoever wrote this and whoever believes it needs to grow up.This is what I call a primitive mindset and needs exposure to civilization.Lol simply means ”laugh out loud” and even if it means otherwise specified, should you allow it to make you live in bondage? lol

  3. This is absolute rubbish….I don't belong to d devil therefore if I use L O L I use it ƒσя ♍♈self not to praise d devil .

  4. dis guy dy crase big tym. if u lyk form bizzaire wrds 4 LOL,BRB,etc. wot i no is i’l continu usn dem 2 chat. u’r jst lukn 4 an xcuse 2b known. IDIOT wen no get wrk.

  5. Our people sai waiting u no kno no fit kill peci. For me I use “LOL” when am chating with my friend not with Devil, so I don’t praise any f**king satan, to me it means laugh out laugh hmmm lol

  6. well! we shld knw dat ignorance is nt an excuse. Ppl dat came out wit dis abreviatn they nw d meaning. May God frgive us.

    • I totally Agreen with you I don’t want to offend Jesus my Lord and Saviour in ANY way therfore I avoid ANY slang language. May God forgive us all and help us.

  7. different people cld give different interpretations to abbreviations to suit themselves.if in d kingdom of d devil-lol means lucifer our lord,then in d kingdom of social network lol wld alwats mean laugh out loud

  8. LOL could mean (Jesus) Lord of Lords. Not really that Lucifer stuff. Please be careful with what u post. I beg u

  9. It could mean, “(Jesus) Lord of Lords” and nt that Lucifer stuff. Let’s be watchful and careful of what we post here.

  10. I got some more for ya:
    KISS= K.ids I.n S.atan’s S.ervice
    WASP= W.e S.atan’s P.rophets
    AC/DC= A.fter C.hrist/D.evil C.omes
    CREST= C.rist R.ots E.ternaly S.atan T.riumphs
    WISK= W.omen I.n S.atan’s K.ingdom
    BRAT= B.edalzabub R.ules A.ll T.otally
    BERSERK= B.efor E.vil R.ises S.atan’s E.vangalist R.equires K.ookies

  11. Of course our enemy number one, Satan, uses all sorts of tricks to lure people to his kingdom. But then, I am a born again Christian and I use the abbreviation “lol” not to uplift my enemy but as an abbreviation to mean “laugh out loud”. Now I have been told that satanists end their prayer with the same abbreviation, the best is for me to heed the warning and refrain. Thank you Jesus. The Bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge”.

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