Biography Of The Richest Man In The World, Amazon Founder Jeffrey Preston Bezos

biography of the richest man in the world

Biography Of The Richest Man In The World, Amazon Founder Jeffrey Preston Bezos

By Ikechukwu Nwuzoh

Jeffrey Preston is currently the richest man in the world.

Birth Place Of Jeffrey Preston Bezos

Jeffrey Preston Bezos was born in the year 1964 and this was in Albuquerque of Mexico. He is an American and a technology entrepreneur.

The Education And Early Life Of Jeffrey Preston Bezos

His mother is Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen while his father is Ted Jorgensen who is the owner of a shop and a native of Chicago. Jacklyn was a student when her son was born and Jacklyn later married Miguel who was an immigrant from Cuba.

The family migrated to Houston and it was there that Mike worked as an engineer in a company called Exxon. This was after graduating from the University of Mexico. The maternal grandson of Preston Gise was Bezos and Preston worked as a director of the Energy Commission of the United States.

Gise later retired to his ranch and Bezos then worked on the ranch. Bezos is fond of technology and ventured into it. His family later moved to Florida and this was the place where he did his high school. He also worked with McDonalds where  he served as a cook during high school .

Later he received an award in the year 1982 and that was the National Merit Scholar and a valedictorian.

Then later he graduated from the Princeton University in the department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Later then he became elected as the president of the Princeton branch of the exploration association of the school.

The Business Career Of Preston Bezos

After his graduation from the Princeton University in the year 1987, he worked at Andersen Consulting, Bell Labs and hotels.

Later he moved into banking industry and became the product manager of the Bankers Trust. His work there was from 1988 to the year 1990. He later joined D.E Shaw Co and this was the new hedge fund in the year 1990.

He became the senior vice president at 30.

The Ventures Of Bezos In Amazon

It was in the year 1993 that he started an online business in form of an online bookstore. He abandoned the job at D.E Shaw and decided to start Amazon right inside his garage. This was in July 5 of 1994 and he got the business plan while travelling.

Then he called his newly started firm Amazon and that was his beginning as an online entrepreneur. An estimate of $300000 was what he received from his parents and then he invested it on Amazon. When Bezon started Amazon, he started it as a bookstore and he intended to expand it to other categories of products.

3 years later, Benzos took Amazon to the public and Bezos continued to maintain that the expansion of the internet would enable the business.

Then in 1998 Benzos then expanded his online business to the marketing of videos and music. He also introduced consumer goods and raised the capital of the company with $54m in the year 1997. Bezos promoted Amazon in the year 2002 and then launched the Amazon Web Services.

This web service was compiling data from website traffic and other weather channels. Then in the year 2000 the company had some setback and closed up their distribution centres. However the company regained itself and generated $400m as profit in 2003.

Then in the year 2007, Bezos decided to launch the Amazon Kindle and he wanted to make for videos what he made in books. A contract of $600m came in 2013 and this was with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Then by October of that same year the Amazon became the largest retailer online on the planet.

Bezos then sold over a million shares in the firm and was in the month of May of 2016 for $671m. Then in the month of August 4 2016. Bezos sold $56.7 million out of his shares and by 2018, his Amazon stock had more than $109 billion.

He then started raising cash for the rest of enterprises and this he did by marketing stock. Also he then featured in the Super Bowl Commercial of Amazon. Amazon then confirmed their largest profit of $2 billion and this was in February 1, 2018. Bezos decided to expand to India and this was because of Alibaba.

Then Bezos sent off his senior vice president for global affairs to India. This was the localisation of operations throughout the supply chain routes. Amazon had some tussle with the US government and this reduced his assets.

However some reports from Stanford university confirms Trump could not do much to regulate the company.

Blue Origin Ventures

Bezos then formed Blue Origin and it was a startup for human spaceflight. This was the beginning of Blue Origin and there was maintenance of low profile. This low profile continued till 2006 and the company bought  spacious land inside West Texas.

He then wanted to cut down the space travelling cost and promote safety. Then in the year 2013, he began consider strategies and opportunities.

Purchasing Of Washington Post

Bezos made an announcement about buying the Washington Post for $250 million. He formed the Nash Holding and this was for sale. Selling Nash Holdings made some changes in the company and the online pay wall got lifted. However he reinvented the Washington Post.

Other Investments

Bezos often make investments which are personal and this was through his ventures which is the Benzos Expedition in 1998. He made an investment in Google and that was $250 000. That investment gave up to 3.3 million shares.

The Personal Life Of Bezos

In the 1992 Benzos worked inside Manhattan and there a meeting happened with Mackenzie Tuttle. He was an associate of research and they later became married.

Then in the year 1994 they then migrated past the country to Washington and it was in Washington that Bezos formed the Amazon. They had 4 children.

Politics Of Bezos

Bezos provided support for certain campaigns of Patty Murray, Mana Can’t well and these were 2 American senators and they are from Washington. He also provided support for John Conyers and he was the US representative.

Philanthropy of Jeffrey Bezos

Bezos have engaged and is still on many philantrophic projects. This include the funding of the Bezos Centre For Innovation with $10 million and also the Bezos Centre For Circuit Dynamics with $15 million. Many donations have happened many times and this was for many times.

He also funded many projects like when he offered $1 million to a press company and when he provided some legal services.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is currently the world’s richest man and he is an online entrepreneur. He is the founder of Amazon, a digital company and has many assets.