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  1. President Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan must win this presidential election, because THE OWNER OF HEAVRN AND EARTH, AND EVERYTHING THEREIN, SAID HE HAVEN’T FINIHED WITH HIM YET. For the fact that his Creator sent him as a Devine President to be on that Nigerian Presidential Seat of Throne, to enable him use him as it pleases him. So God said he will finish with him only after 2019.
    Moreover, he has visited me with the First Lady in the spirit as usual to confirm from me if he is going to win the Presidential Election or not and I told him yes that he has already won the election according to God, AND I GAVE HIM A SYMBOL OF AUTHORITY, AS A GIFT OF AWARD, AND AS A SIGN OF WORK WELLDONE, Just as The Lord Directed me to do for him.
    Although, there are some dangers and some other messages that God revealed to me that I don’t want to mention them now. And he must come physically with the First Lay to see me after winning the election, and after he has been sworn in for the second time as THE NIGERIAN PRESIDENT, to receive a special spiritual guide lines. Just as The Lord Directed. The Lord said they must receive the spiritual guide lines from me one on one.
    The American President need to be very prayerful, (President Barack Obama). Though I always pray for him, but he still need to always pray seriously for himself too. He should pray that American Flag is not toured into two places as he is on THE AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL SEAT OF THERONE. President Obama, God said you should also pray always that you should not fall down flat with a microphone in your right hand, and by your mouth too, while addressing a congregation. Please pray and say that you will not fall at all, while addressing a congregation, talking less of falling flat without standing up again.
    General Mohammed Buhari, I thank God that you have finally utilised all my spiritual counselling to you and calmed your tensions down. You know Sir, Fr. President M. Buhari, don’t you think that God have more, better plans for you? Than for you to enter there and DIE just in no time, then Fr. Vice President Atiku Abubakar and the FR. Second Lady takes over you and your wife’s seat immediately. Sir, please God said I should ask you if that is the best for you, your immediate family, entire families, relatives, friends, well-wishers, the Country, and the Nigerians.
    Thank you Sir.

  2. President Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan, please be informed that I am directed by The Almighty God to ask you to ensure that there must be, more than a maximum security in every part of the Country Nigeria, as the Presidential Election is going on the process.
    Also, you have to ensure too, that there must be more than a maximum security in the Eagle Square, on the day of your swearing in, for the second time as The President of Federal Re-public of Nigeria.
    The issue of Boko Haram, I’ve finally spiritually taken care of it since the Month of December 2014. Whereby I went to their war front in the spirit, stood in their front, to order them to size fire and put their guns down, and they obeyed me immediately. This may sounds funny, but it is not, because it is not that Prophetess you are seeing as a person talking, but, it is THE AUTHORITY OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD, WHO LIVES IN THE THIRD HEAVEN THAT IS IN HER THAT IS TALKING AND COMMANDING. And I just have to do this to stop the war against my people of Nigeria, as a person whom God has kept the people of this Country into her hands under her special cares, while the force men and women of this are also busy taking of the situations in their own ways too. As the rest of Nigerians prays too. And I thank God who has been hearing our prayers for this Country Nigeria. Praise God Amen.
    Although, I started taking care of this Boko Haram issues through series of different kinds of fasting and prayers since the Month of August 2011 till date. You know right now the Lord has already asked me to be on a special fasting and prayers for the Nigerians until the election is over today.
    Apart from all the above mentioned prayers, I have been also praying live, around ASo Drive, The Presidential Villa, The Nigerian State Security Services office and the Barracks too, for God’s special protections for my people.
    Mr. Jega, please be informed Sir, that I, The Prophetess of the Almighty God, whom your maker has kept this Country under her special care, has been directed by him to ask you to do the right thing immediately concerning this Presidential Election for your own perfect good, that he is God and he is in the distance watching you. Sir, God said a word is enough for the wise. Finally, Sir, God said you should note it proper and have it at the back of your mind that it is written that Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan must win this Presidential Election no matter what, because he haven’t finished with him yet, that he will only finish with him after 2019. For what is written is written says the Lord of Host. Or Sir, don’t you think that it does pays more for one to do what is good than to do what is wrong. But, I advice you personally sir, to be very careful for all you do in life, for God said you are his Prophet, and it is band that a Prophet of God must always practice doing what is right, no matter on what, the tension, or any situation you may be sir. Remain blessed Sir, as my co-worker in the Lord. Good luck Sir.
    Thank you Jesus and please continue taking an absolute care of this very Presidential Election my Lord, to confirm your word for your son, The President of Nigeria. And I your Prophetess thank you so much in advance for confirming your word in Jesus name amen. For I know that I don’t see fake, because you my God don’t reveal fake things to me Father.
    President Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonthan, he that assigned you on that Nigerian Presidential Seat of Throne as a Devine President to handle and correct all correctable for him for this County Nigeria, says that you should remember that no speaks and it came to pass when he your God has not spoken. So go to Lamentation 3:37 and Isa. 54:17 and recite them as he the Lord remains your Shepard in Jesus name amen.
    Thank you Sir.
    THE Voice of The World Special Spiritual Mother, and The Special Spiritual Mother of Nigerians, whom God has kept the Nigerians under her special care.


  4. Now dat lord has helped us through d election,our prayer must continue bcos we ar shouting on goodluck jonathan dat there is poverty and trouble from boko haram and evil doer now dat we av elected our new president we must pray very well both christian and muslim.I pray dat lord will answer our prayer over nigeria.amen

  5. My name is Prince Michael Oluwatosin Olagunju. (space by stage name) I originated from Osun State , Ilesha to be precise. I am lucky to be the first child of the family with three siblings. I am a dark guy, 5ft12inches tall and I weigh 66kg as of the time of this record. I am dark guy with sexy green eyes, dark curly hair, round sexy lips, protruded nose and a very fine v-shape face that brings out my lovely dimple when I smile.
    I am a loving, easy going, caring guy, who is friendly with everybody be it male and female. I am receptive, time keeping and I keep to my words no matter the situation. I am a lover of hardworking, truthful, reliable and trust worthy people and also I hate liars, cheaters and lazy folks as much as dogs hate cats.
    I love a lot of things like nature, woman, eating, playing, singing, swimming, colour, books, music and so many other that I may later mention as the spirit leads.

    I choose green to be my best colour because I love nature. Nevertheless, I love red, white and blue as colour but not as much as I cherish green because nature is good.
    I am a lover of anything calculation like physics, mathematics but not that good with English and biology. Another thing I love most is music and playing instrument, because they give me joy and make me happy and as I said above I love to be happy at all times. It’s so sweet to tell you that my favorite of the instrument is Drum-set, though I play along with a little bit of saxophone and guitar (lead guitar).
    I also love to chat.(I won’t say more than that).

  6. Join your aims to your lord order, your god will help u, u help somebody becouse of ur lord, ur lord will help u.
    my word are not over two
    1. operater help every one that leve his comment for ur assis, to remember them and we that we want a job here try to tell one, two or more. if u get information.
    2. i pray to all over the country to archiver all of our good aims in our life.
    help somebody, the almighty Allah will help u in ur all life and last life…..
    Nana Aisha kano state.

  7. Pls am a Nigerian but residen in Gabon am here to past my wedding picture
    on naijagist.
    To inpress our fellow Nigeria to know that no place they can not hold thy
    are marriage my own was hold in Nigeria Embassy in Gabon very super.
    Let me know the next stemp to take.

  8. Help help online going on please I need help to join nigeria nollywood actor I no need to talk what I can do un till we start okay. 08165588951 chi boy nwa Abia God bless u all

  9. pls,i’m LAURINA by name,26yrs old frm DELTA STATE NIGERIA. I need a cute guy of 28-35 yrs for marriage…im tired of being numba is 08137018515…tnx!

  10. Their storyline am working on at de moment, THE LOST BIRTH RIGHT a story about a little boy that was born in de uk in de year 1970 and he was brought back to Nigeria in de year 1973 his creative works was so great dat is own family was not too happy,but for this little boy,he lived is life in de world of creativity a word diffrent from de world of men. Dis story will be out by june on lulu and i will be needing your organization support for a propar movie.pls relpy me thank.

  11. I Hope You Can See How Nigeria Be? Head Have Tourned To Upside Down, Governments Failed, Pastors Failed, be your self signboard, be the prophet of your self, see what some of your prophets will never tell you, Sunday service is not enough, go closer to GOD through the BIBLE, HE LIFTED HIS WORDS THAN HIS NAME, you are calling HIS NAME Only Everyday When HIS WORDS Has no meaning to you, Read BIBLE Which Is THE WORD, Understanding It And Let THE HOLY SPIRIT TEACH You THE WORDS, Hear The Truth, THY LORD HAS WARNED Some Of Nigerians Prayer Warriors Who Want To Hear To Set Back Aside About Praying For Nigeria, His Wrath Is Coming, Be careful On Your Ways

  12. Oh my God I cannot Believe This.It is Realy Nice AND Lovely Family.May The Glory Of God Bless You Abandonly AMEN.

  13. hello I must say I love what you guys are doing…
    but I have a question for you people,which is our can someone be part of the post …
    I mean post on naija gist …what are the requirements.

    Tragedy struck, Thursday, as some gunmen killed one Ugoh Terseer Akagbue, an Assistant Registrar with the College of Education, Katsina-Ala, Benue State, and abducted another man in the same Local Government Area of the state.
    Sunday Sun gathered that the gunmen invaded the late Akagbue’s residence in the early hours of the fateful day and shot him dead in the presence of his wife and children and made away with his vehicle, money, handsets and some other valuable documents belonging to the college.
    Provost of the College, Professor Mathias Nder, who confirmed the sad incident, lamented the unfortunate killing of his staff, adding that he had since reported the incident to the police. He, therefore, appealed to security agents to do everything within their powers to arrest the perpetrators.
    The state’s Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Moses Yamu, described the incident as a suspected case of kidnap, adding that the suspects shot the victim and robbed him of his vehicle which they later used in conveying one other victim, one Tersoo Burga.
    According to him, luck ran out on the suspected kidnappers, as the police acting on a tip off, pursued and engaged them in a gun duel along Katsina- Ala- Takum road. When the gun battle became fierce, he said, the gunmen abandoned both the snatched vehicle and their kidnapped victim, Burga, and took to their heels.
    According to the alligator he said the next morning, the PPRO further explained, the police found one of the kidnappers, Aondongu Shaapera dead at the scene of the gun battle. He was said to have died of gunshot injuries.
    While, Mr. Aondongu Shaapera (APC Chairman Katsina-Ala LGA) was shot in his family house at Sati-Agirigi Mbamo-Kpav Katsina-Ala LGA around 5:50am on Thursday. And on that very day as at 2:00pm two young men went to Mr. Aondongu Shaapera house and told him that they are there for him. Then after shooting of the said Aondongu Shaapera, the police men came and arrested one of the young men that visited Mr. Aondongu Shaapera and therefore the police men interrogated the cuprites why he went to Mr. Aondongu Shaapera house as at 2:00pm and the cuprites responded that he went there to eat food and immediately he was released without further interrogation or investigation.
    Thereafter, as at 5:50am Mr. Aondongu Shaapera was shot in his house by those gunmen. Therefore the gunmen ordered the junior brother of Mr. Aondongu Shaapera (who slept with him in the same room that day) named Terngu Piler to direct them where to get fuel and he did, of which they bought the fuel at the rate of N2000 and they get the fuel in Musa Ada house (fuel seller) and the gunmen directed the fuel seller to take the fuel to their vehicle which they used for operation.
    Immediately after the gunmen left, then Mr. Aondongu Shaapera was rushed to Katsina-Ala Police station by Mr. Musa Ada and Abraham Nyiikwagh and reported the incident that took place and the Police assigned Mr. Sesugh (a Police Officer) to take him to the Nguhegh Clinic Katsina-Ala Town and even before taking him to hospital, late Mr. Aondongu Shaapera made a conversation with Mr. Sesugh (the assigned police officer) in the car on their way to the hospital mentioning “Mr. Tor Abaji” the person that sent the gunmen to go after him.
    Moreover, in reaching the hospital, the gave him first aid treatment and the doctor referred him to Federal Medical Centre Makurdi and while making an arrangement to convey him to the Federal medical centre he then pass away.
    1. Why the POLICE released one of the young men that visited Mr. Aondongu Shaapera in his house as at 2:00Pm without further interrogation?
    2. What were the two young men doing in Mr. Aondongu Shaapera house as at that hour of night?
    3. Doesn’t the police visited Mr. Aondongu Shaapera house after the incident?
    4. How many bullets the police men discovered in Mr. Aondongu Shaapera room?
    5. What does the late Mr. Aondongu Shaapera told the assigned police man on their way to hospital?
    6. Is the name of the sender of his assignation mentioned by Mr. Aondongu Shaapera to the police?

  15. Kate henshaw. Aramide kasumu and project alert are running non governmental scam profitproneurs.. Sidi ezeanyeji is not asking for donor because money donated by Nigerians is still with kate.. Take note naija

  16. Good morning.. sorry, am Judge Charles by name and I wish to be connected with a Lady of 37 years below but must not be less than 20yrs for a real relationship.. only a Nigerian or who is ready to migrate to where I am.. my number is 07018282665. Am real and will be appreciated if my heart desire is been granted.

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