Useful Links, Resources And Websites

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Useful Links, Resources And Websites

Here at, we regularly look for useful websites that will be of value to our visitors, we have put together a list of hand picked website for your convenience.

On this page, we present to you some valuable websites that provide useful contents for day to day living.

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A big thanks to all visitors and those who have been recommending valuable resources to us.

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We will review the link and include it here if has value. – Nigeria’s Top Information Blog.

nigeria info guide

This is a relatively new website with value for all Nigerians looking for information. It is highly recommended.

I was looking at one of their posts and I find this link interesting. They gave a list of top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria, they mentioned our website without even asking them to do so. When the webmaster emailed me to check out his recommendation, I was thrilled. This site is highly recommended.

Faith Tabernacle Ota 

faith tabernacle ota

If you need spiritual empowerment and a church to call home, this is highly recommended. Be a part of this family and get empowered for life.

Relationship Therapy

relationship therapy

We have a great relationship column on this website, our articles has changed so many lives.

Inspiration Room

inspirational quotes about self compassion

Are you aware that NaijaGists has a great inspiration column, head down there now.

50 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria

ways to make money online in nigeria

This is by far the most useful one page content on how to make money online in Nigeria. The author highlights in details 50 ways to make money online in Nigeria .

These are the kind of useful contents we love to recommend to our users.

Nigerian Blogs Hiring Writers

how to make money writing articles nigeria

Although this is our sister site, it is very valuable in that the company has employed over 1328 Nigerian youths. If you are looking for part time work to sustain yourself, don’t look further. This company is always hiring. Click here to apply  now.

Natural Healing Guides

natural healing guides

This blog providea useful home remedies to manage minor health condition at home before medical intervention. Highly valuable blog..

Home Remedies YouTube Channel

natural healing guides youtube channel

Highly recommended step by step video instruction on how to solve medical problem. Click  here to subscribe to the channel.

Best SEO Blog In Nigeria

If you are looking for the best Search Engine optimization blog in Nigeria, is the go-to blog.  Visit them for how tos, guides and step by step instruction on marketing your blog.

Useful Blog For People Dealing With Depression

For solid help for tackling depression, is the go to blog.

Note: We don’t accept crappy resources here but contents that will add value to others.

If you see any site that is not of value on this list, quickly notify us, we will investigate and remove such from our page. Thank you for helping us provide quality to users all over the world.

We are always on the look out for great contents.  If you have one, feel free to write us at [email protected]

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