Controversial Lifestyle Of Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Ozioma

June 6, 2011

Controversial Lifestyle Of Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Ozioma

According to Global News Nigeria, when news that this beautiful actress had finally decided to settle down and marry, many of the wives of men who had something to do with the actress heaved a sigh of relief. And they had a good reason to. Mercy Johnson Ozioma is one Nigerian actress who has courted scandal as a way of life. The Kogi State-born actress virtually has scandal as her middle name as she enjoys being in the news for the wrong reasons at all times.

The dark-skinned Mercy has indeed been merciless to many ladies and wives, and it would not be surprising if they ask for a special thanksgiving service in their respective churches if she eventually ties the nuptial knot in August, as widely circulated, as she has been mentioned in lurid stories of being hot pants, employing charms and habitual quarrelling she involves in. (

Mercy Johnson who is blessed with nice shape confessed at a time that it was because of her boobs and hips that it was prophesied that she was going to become a good actress by a friend who walked up to her some years back. According to her, after watching actresses like Genevieve and others she “later approached a friend for assistance to feature in a movie. He stared at my boobs and hips and told me that I would make a good actress.” Little wonder she’s been accused of using the very parts in the prophetic assessment to climb the ladder in the make-believe industry. (

It would be recalled that a few years back, she was alleged to have aborted a pregnancy for a man called Obi by those who are in the know. Not done with her wild lifestyle, she was at another time in a sizzling romance with Ibrahim Dumuje, another man who people accused of having skeletons in his cupboard. Mercy at that time told whoever cared to listen that she had met her Mr. Right in Ibrahim before that relationship crumbled simply because she was accused at that time of stealing some money that belonged to her then fiancé, which led to fierce quarrel… and the rest is history. Source: Global News Nigeria

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  1. Mercy can’t do such a thing she’s too innocent for dat. I belive in her. God has already blessed her i don’t tink maer gossip can pull her down i pray dat God will make a way 4 her in everytin she does to b successful Amen and happy living

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