Rita Dominic’s Biography, Movies, Life History & Profile

biography of rita dominic

Rita Dominic’s Biography, Movies, Life History & Profile

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Nigerian actress, Rita Dominic was born on July 12, 1975, in Mbaise, a town in Imo state of Nigeria into the royal Waturuocha family of Aborh in Mbaise.

Her father was a medical doctor, and her mother was a nursing practitioner. Rita Dominic is the last of the four children born to the family. So, as an answer to the much asked question, “how old is Rita Dominic?” presently, Rita Dominic age is 42 years.

Rita Dominic had both primary and secondary education in Abia state before proceeding to the University of Port-Harcourt, for her tertiary education. There, she studied theatre arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in 1999.

Rita Dominic started displaying her talent and love for acting right from childhood, as she played very active roles in many school plays and children’s television shows in her state. However, her journey to stardom began in 1998, a year to her graduation from the University, when she starred in her very first movie titled “A time to kill”. Since then, she had featured in over 100 films in Nollywood and she is being regarded as one of the most successful actresses to have ever surfaced in the industry.

In 2004, she won City People Awards for the most outstanding Nollywood actress of the year.

Rita Dominic Movies / Films

The following is a list of Rita Dominic movies:

  1. A time to kill
  2. Children of terror
  3. My guy
  4. Face of a liar
  5. Aba riot
  6. Unforgettable
  7. To love a thief
  8. Throwing stones
  9. The intruder
  10. Street life
  11. Love you forever
  12. Lean on me
  13. Back from America
  14. A night to remember
  15. Accidental discharge
  16. True romance
  17. The ingrate
  18. The faithful
  19. Sweet love
  20. Singles and married
  21. Lost paradise
  22. Last wedding
  23. Ann
  24. Indecent act
  25. I believe in you
  26. Goodbye New York
  27. Blood Diamonds
  28. All my life (2005)
  29. Wheel of change
  30. Ultimate crisis
  31. Eno
  32. Tricks of women
  33. The begotten
  34. Schemers: bad babes
  35. Nights of riot
  36. Lovetemple
  37. Love after love
  38. Suicide lovers
  39. Queen of my heart
  40. Orange groove
  41. Only love
  42. Never too far
  43. More than gold
  44. Juliet
  45. Love story
  46. Last game
  47. Kill the bride
  48. Joshua
  49. Saviour
  50. Million dollar sisters
  51. Married for money
  52. Last offence
  53. Wedding fever
  54. Guys on the line
  55. Face of Africa
  56. Tracey
  57. Desperate billionaire
  58. C.I.D
  59. Bless me
  60. 2 Face
  61. Spirit of love
  62. Unbreakable affair
  63. Total control
  64. The humble lion
  65. Sweet sound
  66. Hidden murderer
  67. Jealous heart
  68. Last offence
  69. All I have
  70. Connected firm
  71. Dancing heart
  72. Girls cot
  73. Caught up
  74. Immaterial
  75. Legal war
  76. Cleopatra
  77. Sleek ladies
  78. The next election
  79. Oyinda
  80. Yahoo millionaire
  81. A better place
  82. Blossom
  83. White waters
  84. True lies
  85. Yankee girls
  86. Pamela
  87. Saidi’s song
  88. Run away prince

Presently, Rita Dominic is worth over fifty million naira in assets, and is one of the top five richest actresses in the Nigerian movie industry.

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  1. Rita.God has make u great. Just give thax 2 GOD.and he wil do more 4 u.i m suprise whth almose 88 films oh!!! Great.

  2. she is from umuanuma nguru in aboh mbaise l G A.time will come When her own man will come.not all this 419 husband.my sis u are doing well,keep it up.

  3. our dear sister rita, you have done very well for yourself in the make believe world bur the dream of every woman is to settle down. please when is the wedding bell gonna ring or is the right person not on the line?

  4. my dear sister well done,u have done well,we are praying for,the entire chiefs in umuanuma are wishing u all d best,we are proud of u.ur brother chief ebiaka 1 of igbo land,from umuanuma

  5. I will never stop loving you because,everything about you impresses me. Continue thanking God for making you the way you are.

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  7. on a more serious note…rita has bein a nyc gal though ah hav nt seen her…buh jst luv evrytin abt her….jst feel as if ah can see nd express ma likeness real tym…..nt posible sha….buh frm ma heart nd ma family we say BRAVO nd continue ur strugle 2 bcom a famous star wch u ar nw.

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  9. My Dear sister Rita , i really love ur style and moreover making us to be proud of u…
    i must confess am really proud of you keep it on and more grease to ur elbow… Well Done my sister Imo State is proud of you including me…

  10. Rita, u re blessed by God, he has given u a nice body, main looking at u, one will say u re in ur 20s.u re truthful not all those actresses that fake their age, I knw u re classy nd selective,I knw suitors re coming bcos u re very beautiful, pray to God so dat he will bring d right man, a man of ur choice.Goodluck

  11. great Rita/we in Kenya believe Africa is a greator continent with very rich talents/many thanks to Nigerians/you have kept Africa alive in the international theater centers/we will continue reading from u guys.GOD bless Nigeria.

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