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Lara George Biography & Net Worth: Contact phone number, husband, children, songs and more.

lara george biography net worth

Lara George is a lagos-born Nigerian songwriter, gospel singer, and producer.
She is from the Oluwole Bajomo family in Lagos state, Nigeria.
Lara attended Queen’s college in Lagos (a government girl’s secondary school located in Yaba, Lagos state, Nigeria).
It was founded in 1927, when the Nation was still a British colony, and is a sister college to the popular King’s College, Lagos state, Nigeria.
When Lara George finished college, she got admitted to the Lagos state University.
She studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture.
While in the University of Lagos, she started her music career when she enrolled in the Campus Fellowship Choir.
Lara was also a member of the disbanded music groups name KUSH.
KUSH (Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Hearts and Homes) was a musical group that contained four artistes; Toyin Bello, Dapo Torimiro, Lara George, and Emem Inyang (a rapper).

Lara George Biography & Net worth: Contact phone number, husband, children, songs and more.

They all met in the university at the Campus fellowship choir, and agreed to chase a music career together after graduating.
With the help of a record deal from the American-Based music label DKG, they gained popularity with their top single “Let us Live Together”. This was one of the hits from their “Experience Album”.
They also had other hits like Angels by my side and more.
Due to personal careers and financial uncertainties, the group allegedly grew apart and later got closed down with just one album.
Toyin Bello is now a well renowned photographer, and gospel artiste with more than two albums already. Dapo Torimiro got into the American music industry and became successful as a songwriter, and producer, and has bagged several awards for himself.
Emem Inyong created her own Arts Management firm in Nigeria “ONE Intergrated Management Co”, and was also the Proud Pioneer winner of the British Council International Young Music Enterpreneur Award (2006).
On the otherhand, Lara George ventured into the gospel music industry with the help of her hit single Ijoba Orun, which was part of her album “Forever in my Heart”.
This album won several nominations and awards alike.

Lara George Awards and Nominations

Lara George won the Voice of th Year award at the Nigerian Music Awards in 2008.
Same year, she won the Best Vocalist Female Awards in the Hip-Hop World Awards (USA), and again won the Best Gospel Act Awards in the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, USA.
She was again nominated for the award in 2010, and she won.
In the same year (2010), she again won the City People Award for Best Gospel Artiste of the Year 2010.
In 2011, she won the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for Best Gospel Artiste, and even won the Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Foundation Awards for “Gospel Artiste of the Year (Female).
Same year, she got nominated in the Best Album of the Year Category, and Best Female Artiste of the Year category all in the National Gospel Awards.
In 2012, Lara resumed her winning ways, by winning the Gospel Music Awards for Best African Female Gospel Artiste.
The next year (2013), she won the African Gospel Music Awards for Trial Blaze of the Year.
In the year 2014, Lara won the BEN TV UK Awards, and also won the Crystal Awards for Best Female Vocalist.
Recently, Lara George got nominated in the KORA Awards for Best Gospel Artiste.
You can see how far she has gone, and how many awards she has bagged for herself in the industry.

Private Life:

Lara George and husband (Gbenga George).

Lara George is happily wedded to Gbenga George, an attorney and a music enterpreneur.
They are blessed with two kids (a boy, and a girl).
Their son is called Adeoba Gbenga George, while their daughter is called Tiaraowa Gbenga George.
According to her while speaking about how she met her husband, she said it wasn’t a love at first sight situation.
They first met at the office where they happened to be colleagues but according to her, she didn’t like him then.
As time went on, they became friends and began to know each other better.
In her own words: “I began to see a whole different side of him”.

When Gbenga showed interest in her, she said it was okay so they started dating and eventually tied the knot.
Lara even went further to disclose that she almost made a great mistake in life.
According to her, when she was still a young woman, she almost ran away with her university boyfriend.
She met him in the University, and then they started a relationship.
She said he later asked her to flee with him and marry him secretly.

According to Lara she would have done so, if not for the help of her older sister and her husband. They helped her to realize the grevious mistake she was about to make so she changed her mind.
Well, we thank God she didn’t flee with this unknown guy.
Lara’s husband Gbenga George is also her music manager.
She said it’s an added advantage, as no one would understand her better.
Lara once disclosed that she once avoided having kids because of her musical career, but later learnt how to manage her musical career, and motherhood simultaneously.
She revealed that the inspirations behind her songs, is her deep faith in God.
It is what helps her to come up with highly spiritual lyrics, which give hope, courage, and strength to her listeners and fans.
According to her, her greatest dream is to win a Grammy Award.
With the quality of her songs and videos, we hope she does that soon.

Lara George Albums

Find below, some albums by Lara George.
• Forever In my Heart.
This was her first album as a solo artiste.
She launched this album in 2008, and it included songs like; Ijoba Orun, Forever In My Heart, Orin (I’ll Write a Song), Fig Tree, Rest of My Life, Season, Forever In My Heart (Remix) ft Emem & OJB, I Can, and God of Breakthrough.
This album was a huge success, and it bagged her several awards and nominations.

• Lara George
This was her second album. She released this one in 2009.
It included songs like; Ko Le Baje (a major hit), Run With You ft Lord Ajasa, I am Glad, Hallelujah ft Patricia Uwaje-king (from the Midnight Crew), Emi a Riire, O ti se, Nobody Like You/Ko ma si, Keeper of My Dreams, He is Lord, I Love You, Oh La La, Fig Tree (Remix), Mu Mi De’le (Ijobi Orun [remix]), and Jesus You Reign.

• The Dansaki Album “Higher” in 2012.
This is another album from Lara George which contained hit tracks.
Songs in this album are; Higher, A New Day, Dansaki, A Yin O, We praise you more than anything, Come and Praise, Ti-Eru, More and More, More Like You, Free, Rise, Chibuzor/Get Up, I Don’t Know/Iforibale, Ijoba Orun Prayer, and Dream Come True.
Like the others, this album became a huge success after it’s release too.

• Love Nwantintin (EP)
In 2014 Lara George released an ep with the following songs.
Love Nwantintin, Durotimi, Be My Baby, I Love You, Rest of My Life, and Honey.

• The Medley Album
Same year (2014), Lara lauched a full album named “The Medley”.
This album had moderately long medleys instead of tracks.
The album had tracks and medleys like: KoleBaje (Remix), Kpo Ya Chukwu, Hallelujah (remix), Ogoziri Ma Gozi, Alabara Bi Ara, Higher, A yin O, Rababa, God of Miracles, Polongo, Ekene Dili Chineke, Me I No Go Suffer and O S’ohun Tuntun.
This album of medleys was released in December 2014, and became a huge success throughout the seasons and beyond.

• Ko Le Baje Medley (EP)
In June 2016, Lara released an ep with the song Kolebaje (Medley).
A mix of close to 30minutes.

• A Slice of Heaven Album
A slice of heaven is the latest album by Lara George.
Songs in this album are; Show up, Your Name (Onye Ne Me Mma), Eyin L’oba, Total Surrender, Oba Ogo, Imela, Jesus You Reign, Nobody Greater, You Reign Over me, Wonderful Hallelujah, No Be Story, Oh God, Give it All, Give it All (REMIX) and Na You.
This album was released in July 2017, and is her latest work.

You can see that over the years, she has dropped numerous albums and Eps containing hits.
Today, she is one of the most influential gospel singers in Nigeria.

Business Life

Aside from music, Lara is also into real estate and housing business.
She is a real estate agent, and she recently acquired a real estate license with Diamond Echo Realty in Atlanta, USA.
Her agent is Keller Williams.
She is fully into real estate business and has been doing well.

Lara George on social media

Like other celebrities, Lara is also active on the social media platforms.
On Instagram, you can follow Lara George @larageorgemusic.
She is active on the platform, and currently has about one hundred and twenty thousand followers (120k).
On twitter, you can follow Lara @larageorge.
She is also active on twitter and currently has about 18k (eighteen thousand) followers on this platform.

Lara George also has a facebook page for her real estate business.
This page is called “Lara George Realty”. It is her real estate service page.

Lara George Net worth

With so much career and business success, we can not complete this article without telling you the networth of Lara George.
Lara George is currently estimated to have a networth of $400,000 (four hundred thousand dollars).
That is about #146,000,000 (A hundred and forty six million naira).
Atleast, you now know a lot you didn’t, about Lara George now.
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